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Seeking a Google Optimize alternative? Use Drupal? Meet Acquia Personalization. Access multichannel personalization capabilities that empower marketers and developers to build contextualized content.


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Build Meaning at Every Touchpoint

Target, test, and recommend content to audiences in real time and drive engagement, conversions, and bottomline results.

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Easily Curate Customer Journeys

Using Acquia Personalization in tandem with Drupal, marketers can craft relevant experiences without technical expertise, leveraging no-code tooling to accelerate customer loyalty.

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Cultivate Real-Time Insights

Enhance customer journeys from initial engagement to post-purchase with access to live behaviors and preferences.

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Personalize Across Multiple Sites

Deploy a single personalization engine across multiple sites and balance site-specific variations with scalability.

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Amplify Brand Perception

Utilize anonymous targeting to engage with wider audiences and capture the attention of new and unidentified visitors.

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Acute Analytics Across Teams

Used parallel with Acquia CDP, predictive models powered by configurable machine learning will magnify agility and responsiveness to evolving customer preferences and behaviors.

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How To Determine if Acquia Personalization Is the Best Fit

As you evaluate a replacement for Google Optimize, consider your existing strategy for delivering content.

What type of data can Acquia Personalization collect and analyze?

Acquia Personalization collects anonymous traffic visitor data, such as page visited, time visited, browser IP address, and location.

How does Acquia Personalization handle privacy concerns and data protection regulations?

To ensure your needs about the management, reporting, and removal of data subject information are met per the requirements of GDPR, Personalization includes several methods you can use to complete the required tasks as described in our documentation.

Can Acquia Personalization support crosschannel personalization?

Yes, via our omnichannel offering. Connect disparate systems and orchestrate personalized actions on any channel or touchpoint.

What kind of reporting and analytics are available for personalization campaigns?

We offer both standard and custom reporting. Standard reports include conversions, engagement, campaigns, and more. Custom report authoring allows you to create analytics on-demand using your preferred business intelligence tool. Unlike pre-existing reports, custom reports search your website’s data warehouse in real time based on criteria you specify.


What type of support and training is required to get started with Acquia Personalization?

All Drupal clients will have access to self-service training materials to make the most out of Acquia Personalization. Quickstart workshops are also available for purchase.

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