Why Partners Choose Acquia to Achieve Digital Innovation

Why the world's most ambitious companies around the globe choose to partner with Acquia for customer success.

I often get asked, internally and externally, why our partners choose Acquia. Acquia strives to grow and nurture our relationships with partners and expand the way brands deliver digital experiences to their customers. Our partners share our passion for creativity, customer success and industry disruption. They pursue business relationships with Acquia because they trust in our ability to help them be successful digital leaders. 

To understand what compels companies to join our partner community, I spent time talking to Acquia’s executives, our existing partners and those in the field who see partner relationships prosper every day. From those conversations, I put together an overview of how we’ve been able to serve our partners and better understand why the world’s most famous agencies and integrators of all sizes continue to commit to building everlasting relationships with Acquia.

Focus on Excellence: Quality Over Quantity 

Like all mutual relationships, business partnerships require one-on-one attention and care. Acquia’s commitment to value every partner led us to right-size our partner community in 2018. Adjusting our partner program from thousands to a few hundred firms has allowed us to renew our focus on excellence and devote more time to partners who are committed to their customers and highly capable of doing more with Acquia. Emphasizing quality over quantity has led our partners to significantly grow their revenue and provide better customer experiences. Today, our partner-sourced Annual Contract Value (ACV) bookings see a growth of 52% year-over-year. This is meaningful because for every $1 Acquia books in collaboration with a partner, our partner makes about $5-7 in services revenue. Our partner-first strategy and commitment to seeing our partners succeed means that these partners have more resources in place to implement solutions faster and deliver positive customer journeys.

Exposure to the World's Most Ambitious Brands

Beyond access to our own solutions, partnering with Acquia opens doors for companies to collaborate with the world's most famous and innovative organizations. Acquia provides a digital experience platform and services for 30+ companies in the Fortune 100s. Our partners play a crucial role in delivering ongoing value for more than 50% of our customer base. Whether it’s Wendy’s, Philip Morris, DraftKings, Liverpool Football Club or Nike, the exposure to most ambitious digital leaders is unparalleled. Our partner work spans enterprise companies, major digital agencies and smaller specialized firms. Our partners span diverse industries and markets but they all share a remarkable vision to do more for their customers. 

Commitment to Efficiency  

Not only does Acquia deliver high-quality digital experiences to customers; we do it fast. Unlike closed, legacy systems that struggle to keep pace with rapidly evolving digital change and emerging channels, Acquia offers the only analyst-leading open-source digital experience platform which gives users the freedom to integrate future technology without battling with complex, rigid tech stacks. This means that our partners can satisfy customers by bringing them the solutions they want before anyone else. This helps them build trust with their own audiences and position themselves for future projects in the Acquia ecosystem. Our flexible application architecture enables developers to quickly build new sites and applications, so partners can start production earlier and launch digital experiences sooner. Partners, like digital agency Axelerant, were able to employ the adaptable, open source power of Acquia Cloud Site Factory to leverage a single code base to rapidly create sites for individual markets and launch new sites in minutes!

Delivering the Global Wow-Factor

Partnership with Acquia can elevate your business impact on an international scale. Acquia technologies are redefining organizations and how the world interacts with them. Hubert Burda Media uses Acquia to turn millions of anonymous users into known customers. Belize Tourism Board, in collaboration with partner ICF Olson, used Acquia technology to raise the GDP of Belize by 2.24%, leading to the Board’s most successful year in the past 20! In 2018, NBC streamed 4.37 billion live minutes of video content to 93 million unique users across major sporting events including Super Bowl LII, the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and the FIFA World Cup (Go Croatia, and I suppose, congrats France!). Whether it’s integrating cutting-edge technologies, building personalized customer journeys or decoupling applications to offer seamless multi-channel experiences, Acquia partners use breakthrough technology to build digital experiences that change the world.  

Best of Breed: API Driven Differentiation

Our partners do much more than build and deliver websites. They take projects to the next level of innovation, which allows them to differentiate from their competition. Acquia’s platform is API-first. Using Acquia tech, partners build customized digital experiences that customers really want. Take Bounteous as an example. They used  Acquia Cloud and Acquia Journey to deliver “  journeys” for their customers. Through open source, cloud and our API-first approach, possibilities for differentiation are endless. 

Trust and Peace of Mind

Acquia takes care of maintaining scalable technologies, so partners can focus on innovation and driving value for their customers. But don’t take my word for it - according to our partner Third and Grove, “Acquia becomes a better choice as scale increases on a project. The Acquia platform runs Drupal websites at every level of scale, from revenue-impacting, massive traffic to intermittent engagement. This means that there is no level of scale or spike that is going to surprise the Acquia support team.” Knowing our experts will be by their side 24/7 is just one of many reasons why partners like Third and Grove keep coming back to Acquia year after year. 

Customers for Life

As our partners continue to expand their own reach, they want the reassurance and promise that Acquia will continue to support their audiences and meet their customers’ expectations at every step in their journeys. With an industry-leading net promoter score (NPS) of 40, customer satisfaction (CSAT) score of 98% and 105-110% net-renewal rates, Acquia and our partners are in the business of making customers for life. Our customers love us. More than 50% of Acquia’s growth comes from our existing customers expanding their investment in Acquia. We are truly in the business of maximizing lifetime value (LTV). 

Sheer Potential of Open Source for Innovation

We’ve been saying it for more than a decade, long before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon: Open source is winning. Considering the record-breaking 2018 acquisitions of Mulesoft, Elastic, Pivotal, RedHat, etc., it’s finally evident that open source and cloud is a winning combination for creating and accelerating digital experiences. Proprietary software companies are racing to incorporate open source into their offerings to remain competitive. Unlike any other enterprise software vendor, Acquia is built on open source, natively in the cloud. At Acquia, we believe these acquisitions validate our sheer potential to help clients transition to this sought- after open source, cloud environment and keep up with the rapid speed of technological innovation as more progress is made in the open source space going forward. And our partners agree! Check out a recent interview with Matt Candy, Global Leaders at IBM IX, who validates that open source is the future. 

Partnerships are about expanding what is possible and becoming better together. As our partnership program continues to evolve, we hope to create even more reasons why companies want to partner with Acquia. 

If you’re interested in continuing the conversation, or being connected to some of our partners, reach out to the partner team by emailing [email protected]

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