Using Acquia Site Studio + Google Tag Manager to Track Users at Scale

Companies spend a lot of their time tagging content. Learn how to change the game with Acquia Site Studio and Google Tag Manager.

Did you know that for a typical three-month website project, companies usually spend 500+ hours on tagging content to track user behavior? In a recent conversation with an Acquia telecommunications customer, one of their UX team members expressed his frustration at how time-consuming and ineffective it was to manually tag each and every new piece of content and create the Google Tag Manager configuration for every piece individually. For every new page their business creates to promote a product, they spend ~20% of the time tagging each piece of the page to track users' behavior. Another enterprise CPG customer said that it took them an entire year to complete tagging for over 100 of their brand sites.  Not only is this a huge burden on organizational resources, but manual tagging is also extremely prone to human error. In today’s world where most global brands have hundreds and thousands of digital properties to manage, there needs to be a faster, smarter way to tag and track user behavior at scale.  

Reusable Components Let You Launch Websites Faster

Acquia  Site Studio lets businesses tag and track all their content in a single step through easily configurable template components that can be re-used across every website. Using  Site Studio, once you drag-n-drop components to your page, the tags are already configured in Google Tag Manager, and then the user tracking starts right away

We’ve already seen the power of Site Studio to quickly build and launch multiple sites at scale. Recently a major consumer-health pharmaceutical used the combined power of Site Studio and Acquia Site Factory to migrate 1500+ websites in multiple languages to a single digital platform in a year!  

This particular company accomplished this by creating a Master Design System and building a set of components with  Site Studio. Now that they’ve done the work to build this Master Design System, it serves as a force multiplier of future value. Any business unit can use those existing components for every new site and feel confident that they are delivering brand consistency and ensuring digital governance across all sites.

However, building and launching new sites is just the first step. To connect with users and drive business results, brands need to understand how people are interacting with their site. As people’s online behaviors are changing on a global scale and more customers are relying on digital channels, companies need to collect and understand huge amounts of customer data. 

Tag Once, Track Everywhere

You have probably been using Google Analytics to better understand the users of your website. Additionally, with Google Tag Manager to track specific events on your Drupal website, you can have a more granular level of user data. However, in a scenario where you have hundreds of websites and thousands of pages, this can become a huge burden to update and manage. Acquia  Site Studio makes it simpler than ever through reusable components and templates that can be applied to all of your tracking processes.

The integration of Drupal + GA + GTM reduces the effort needed to collect user data for any website. Then by extending your data layer with  Site Studio you can level up your efforts and apply the same method to all of your digital properties.  Site Studio’s reusable components allow front-end developers to build once and use everywhere. With  Site Studio your website is built based on components. You can configure GTM to track any event over a specific component, wherever website and/or a page the component is used. You only need to set up your components once in GTM and will then have the ability to track users wherever the components are used on your site.

Collecting data and understanding customer behavior from your website is critical for every company. However, achieving this shouldn’t take an extensive amount of developer time or resources. Site Studio is a low-code tool that enables you to activate all the data you need to improve your goals and results quickly.

Check out the full video demonstration to see how you can use Acquia  Site Studio to create a design system that allows you to create reusable tags and apply them across all of your websites. 


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