Top UK Influencers Talk Digital Transformation Challenges

Top UK Influencers Talk Digital Transformation Challenges

Perhaps because the word “digital” is front and center or maybe because of the rapid pace that technology evolves, companies approaching digital transformation can easily view it as a tech challenge.

What tools do we need to reach our business goals and keep our customers happy?

In reality, digital transformation started well before the implementation. The single biggest challenge when it comes to digital transformation isn’t not having the right platform or budget, it’s internal resistance.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what the UK’s top influencers had to say on the topic at this year’s Acquia Engage Europe:

As Paul Hood, vice president motorsports (consultant) at Halfspace - The Signals & Engagement Agency, said it’s digital transformation is about culture, mindset and strategy. You need to get those bits right first. Technology is the enabler and will ultimately help to deliver business success, but your key stakeholders need to buy in on the strategic objectives and the journey to meet those objectives to achieve digital transformation. See his interview below.


Digital transformation shouldn’t be viewed as a threat but as an opportunity, said Paul Denham, director of go-to-market services at InsightBrief. That’s how your competitors view digital transformation. If you continue to treat transformation as hostile, you’ll be out of business in a few years’ time. See his interview below.


Narcis Radoi, digital manager for the Federation of Master Builders, said whether you’re a new company or you’ve been in business for a long time, the same digital transformation barriers exist around resistance to change. What’s the easiest way to overcome those barriers? Clearly illustrating the benefits to stakeholders who might be wary of digital transformation. See his interview below.


People – the stakeholders within your organization – are the most important factor in digital transformation. To truly transform, you need people who are open to change and not married to the status quo or “old way” of doing things.

An organization needs to be a united front when it comes to this level of change so be clear about your objectives, the benefits and what the end result should be.

Sylvia Jensen, vice president of EMEA marketing, Acquia

Sylvia Jensen

Former VP, EMEA Marketing Acquia