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Best Practices for Naming Your DAM System

August 1, 2022 8 minute read
Choosing a name for your digital asset management (DAM) system can help increase system adoption and user engagement. Read our guide for naming tips.
Blog header graphic: Best Practices for Naming Your DAM System article.

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In a notable passage from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” Juliet ponders the value of a name. She says, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” In other words, she thinks that names don’t really matter all that much. 

But here at Acquia, we disagree. After all, names are an important part of any branded experience. And when it comes to tools like a digital asset management (DAM) system, the right name can go a long way in bolstering system adoption and ongoing user engagement. 

That’s why many of our customers give their DAM site a name that is descriptive, unique, or memorable. But finding a name that reflects your site’s purpose and company brand can be challenging. So let’s look at some tips and best practices that will help you choose a top-notch name for your DAM site. 

When to name your DAM system

Customers often select a name for their DAM site during implementation, when their system is first being set up. But you might also consider a name change later — for example, if you’re completing a site refresh or your company is going through a brand relaunch. In our guide, Digital Asset Management Implementation Playbook, we outline how to make this naming process unfold smoothly. 

A name is just one of many components that contribute to a cohesive branded environment for your users and can assist with system adoption. In addition to a name, you might also consider other branding options like a vanity URL, a logo, or customized dashboards. The key is to extend your company branding and ethos across your DAM site. Caroline Gardner, our Manager of Implementation and a former DAM admin extraordinaire, shared her thoughts on naming a DAM system:

Choosing a DAM name is tricky but fun. The key is to know the users, the mission of the DAM system, and the company culture. If the company is modern or in a creative field, it’s effective to go with a short name that is inspired by the company’s history, products, or industry. If the DAM system will be accessed by many external users, is in a highly regulated field, or exists in a formal/corporate environment, go with a name that is easily understandable.

Best practices to keep in mind

All sites will have different goals and raison d'être but there are a few best practices to keep in mind when naming your DAM system. When creating a list of possible names for your DAM system, consider options that will:

  1. Align with the mission for your organization or brand. Your DAM system should reflect what your organization stands for.
  2. Meet brand standards. Your DAM system plays a vital role in maintaining your brand integrity, and the name shouldn’t be an exception.
  3. Embrace your company culture. Your DAM system should feel like a natural extension to your workspace. Will referring to it by name in meetings or during a coffee break feel natural?
  4. Highlight the types of assets that are most common. If the system is going to house a specific asset type or category — such as images, photos, videos, or marketing materials — it could be part of your name. But if it’s all of the above, use a more general term such as media or brand assets.
  5. Have longevity. Focus on the long-term value of your DAM system more than temporary trends. Choose a name that will reflect its purpose as it evolves and expands.
  6. Impact change management. A vendor name is unlikely to resonate with your users, so selecting a memorable name for your DAM site can help bring about a sense of connection that sparks interest. Getting your team invested in the tool  — even subconsciously  — will help with longterm adoption.
  7. A place to start. If you’re stuck on where to begin with your site branding, selecting a name can be a good jumping-off point that informs the design of your login page, dashboard, and other branding elements. 

Quick tips for picking a name that sticks

To land on a name that will resonate with your users and stand the test of time, aim for these four goals:

  • Be creative. Names that are catchy and fun are easier to remember.
  • Be realistic. Names that fit the purpose of the system set clear expectations.
  • Be memorable. Names that are easy to remember encourage frequency of use.
  • Be simple. Names that are confusing will turn users away.

Names that hit all four of these goals are usually two or three words. We’ve listed some popular word choices in this chart below. An effective name could be any combination of the “asset type” and “system type” words.

Asset type descriptor

System type descriptor























Sample two-word names

Brand Center, Creative Library, Digital Gallery, Digital Toolkit, Photo Database, Image Library, Marketing Builder, Marketing Library, Marketing Toolbox, Media Database, Media Library, Media Source, Multimedia Collective, Partner Portal, Photo Library, Content Hub

Sample three-word names

Brand Asset Library, Digital Asset Library, Creative Resource Vault, Digital Image Gallery, Digital Media Library, Image Management System, Marketing Resource Center, Digital Content Hub. Video Asset Library, Marketing Asset Library

You may want to attach your organization or brand name to the front of the two- or three-word combination. For example, “Acquia Content Hub” or “Acquia Brand Asset Library.” Doing so may even result in an acronym for your system that makes it easier to refer to. Our internal DAM site is called “ADAM,” short for Acquia Digital Asset Management.

Customer examples

There are a wide range of creative names that Acquia customers use for their DAM sites. Here are just a few examples.

Beam Suntory: The DAL (Digital Asset Library)

Beam Suntory's Widen DAM site, "The DAL."

Crayola: The Crayola Gallery

Crayola's Widen DAM site, "The Crayola Gallery."

Rent the Runway: Archie

Rent the Runway's Widen DAM site, "Archie"

Werner Co: Asset LibraryWerner Co's Widen DAM site, "Asset Library"

T-Mobile: T-Mobile Asset Portal (TMAP)T-Mobile's Widen DAM site, "TMAP"

Your DAM name in action

Generally, the name of a DAM system appears on the login screen, the dashboard, and, possibly, the URL. There is a standard URL assigned to all new systems or customers can choose a vanity web address, or custom URL. This allows the site name to be the URL, like, as long as someone else isn’t already using it. 

Not only does a vanity URL contribute to the overall site branding, but it can make the site easier to remember (and strengthen user engagement). Keep in mind that procuring and maintaining a proprietary URL may have associated fees. 

What's next?

As you can see, a name might not just be a name. And when it comes to your DAM system, there’s a lot to consider before settling on one. Choosing a memorable, relevant name will help with user adoption, encourage brand consistency, and give your DAM some personality. So get creative with it! 

Want a fully-branded DAM site — including naming inspiration —  but don’t have the resources to do it? Our design services can help! We offer support with everything from graphic updates to design strategy. Our service options include:

Brand Portals
We’ll help you update existing portals, design new ones, or work together to create a visual brand expression that will be shared via a Brand Portal

Login/dashboard page
Just need an update? Looking for something totally new? We’ve got you covered. Let us bring new life to your login page and/or dashboard.

Templates are a great way to extend the reach of your own creative team — but sometimes they’re already spread too thin and need a little help. That’s what we’re here for. We can update or create templates that align with your brand and creative needs. 

Let’s collaborate on script writing, storyboarding, and producing your video needs.

Whether you’re an established or evolving brand, our team of talented creatives and brand experts can help you showcase your identity in your DAM system. If you’re interested in learning more about design services, contact us today.

And if you’re looking for your next DAM solution, check out our on-demand demo or request a personalized demo to see Acquia DAM (Widen) in action. 


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