Q1 2019 Product Updates to the Acquia Experience Platform

Quarterly product updates for the Acquia Experience Platform that center around our value propositions of simplicity, scalability and intelligence.

At Acquia, our vision is to deliver the universal platform for the world’s greatest digital experiences.  In 2018, we delivered 50-plus new product features to the Acquia Experience Platform.

Each quarter we continue to make investments to improve our platform to help our customers build, operate and optimize their digital experiences, as part of our long-term roadmap. These product investments are guided by three key value propositions for our customers: simplicity, scalability, and intelligence.

Acquia Pie Chart

We’re excited to announce the following new product capabilities in the first quarter of 2019 across the Acquia Experience Platform that are available for our customers.  

For Developers

Dev Desktop

  • Enhancements to Dev Desktop: Acquia continues to commit to investing in improvements to Acquia Dev Desktop based on customer feedback. This release for Dev Desktop 2 enhances the local development application by improving PHP version incompatibilities, Windows compatibility, and the installation experience across systems.

Acquia Lightning

  • Support for JSON API 2.0 and 2.1: Acquia has upgraded the Acquia Lightning API to use the JSON:API 2.0 & 2.1 industry standards for better compatibility with JSON libraries (i.e. Node.js) to help streamline the decoupled development process. This update helps developers build decoupled applications, enabling a broad ecosystem of front-end development tools   (such as REACT, Angular, Vue).

For Site Operators and Information Security Teams

Getting started screen

Acquia Cloud

  • New Onboarding Screens in the UI: Within Acquia Cloud, you’ll notice new welcome screens as part of a UI improvement to help facilitate new-user onboarding. These screens make it easier to walk a user through setting up their cloud application for the first time - a common request from new users of the platform.  

  • Enterprise Single Sign-on (SSO) add-on: Acquia Cloud now supports the means for companies to authenticate users via a single sign-on service separate from Acquia Cloud’s user management system. Operators can easily authenticate using SAML, enforce your password policies, and easily manage addition and removal of users automatically to improve governance across IT managed systems.

  • FIPS Compliance: Acquia Cloud is now FIPS-compliant for Federal customers. The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2, is a U.S. government standard that defines cryptographic module security requirements. The FIPS 140-2 cryptographic libraries are designed to protect data at rest and in transit over the network.

  • Log Forwarding: With log forwarding, you can securely forward logs to your organization's SIEM system or log repository, allowing for self-service management and easier auditing of logs and activity.  This helps security teams and operators pro-actively analyze logs to prevent security incidents before they occur and reduce time to respond to security incidents after they occur.

Acquia Cloud Edge

  • Acquia Cloud Edge Performance Add-ons - Acquia has released a series of new performance improvement add-on options as part of our Acquia Cloud Edge product line. These include: Argo Smart Routing, Load Balancing, Subdomain Support, Firebolt, and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

    • Argo routes traffic across the fastest paths available, and maintains open, secure connections to eliminate latency imposed by connection setup while improving SEO.  

    • Load Balancing distributes traffic loads globally and locally with failover to provide resiliency to DDoS attacks.

    • Subdomain Support lets customers treat any subdomain like it is a top-level domain with independent settings, organizations, and members, to provide ultimate flexibility in managing and customizing subdomains.

    • Firebolt optimizes ad content on desktop and mobile devices to increase ad delivery speed and branding to non-Google ad networks.

    • AMP-enabled pages are cached across 165 data centers, in 75 countries with strict AMP HTML validation rules, and are checked for potential security risks resulting in up to 3X faster loading time compared to traditional mobile content.

  • Acquia Cloud Edge Security Add-ons - Acquia has offered two new security add-on features as part of our Acquia Cloud Edge product. These include: Mutual TLS and Access.

    • Mutual TLS is a certificate for IoT devices signed by company’s root CA certificate when connecting between a client and Acquia Cloud Edge.

    • Access offers authentication that centrally manages access using popular Identity Providers, as well as provides security policies and logging.

For Content Authors and Marketers

Acquia Lift

  • New Acquia Lift 4.0 beta: As mentioned at Acquia Engage 2018, Acquia has been making significant improvements to Acquia Lift. These include an entirely new user experience that’s marketer ready,  as new capabilities and updates, including: a central overview dashboard, guided step-by-step personalization creation, personalization scheduling capability, campaign management section, personalization calendar, and analytics at a glance.

Acquia Content Hub

  • Acquia Content Hub 2.0 beta: Acquia has made improvements to Acquia’s Content Hub capability to improve the stability of content syndication and make it compatible with widest range of Drupal 8 applications.

We are committed to making investments in our platform to provide long-term value for our customers.

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