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Personalize Across Any Platform: Introducing the New Acquia Lift

October 13, 2016 3 minute read
Acquia Lift is a single solution with the power of content distribution and customer data to deliver in context, personalized experiences across any channel or device.
Acquia Lift

Acquia is excited to announce its newest version of Acquia Lift: a single solution that harnesses the power of content distribution and customer data to deliver in context, personalized experiences across any channel or device.

With customer expectations higher than ever before, digital marketers have no choice but to implement a personalization strategy if they want to build and maintain meaningful relationships with their audiences.

Unfortunately, today’s marketers struggle to aggregate audience data across disparate technologies, making it nearly impossible to get a holistic understanding of buyer behavior and interests. In addition, organizations lack a central content repository, making it more challenging to discover and repurpose content from disconnected systems.

Acquia Lift’s approach finally solves these challenges for the digital marketer, delivering the only standalone solution that breaks down both data and content silos responsible for preventing true personalization.

Lift automatically captures and unifies data from any channel or device into a single, comprehensive customer profile to give marketers a more holistic view of their audience.

    And with content syndication capabilities built in from the core, content from multiple sites, departments, and technologies can be accessed and used in any personalized experience.

    Lift empowers marketers to adaptively segment and target audiences with the most relevant content in real-time, resulting in faster conversions and increased bottom-line.

    Acquia Lift features include:

    • A new card-based, intuitive UI with drag-and-drop content targeting
    • Merging anonymous and known visitor profiles
    • Enterprise CMS integration and content syndication from any source
    • Turnkey integration with Drupal 7 and Drupal 8
    • Real-time, adaptive segmentation
    • Behavioral targeting and A/B testing
    Acquia Lift

    Lift offers a solution that meets the needs and expectations of both IT and marketing teams. Marketers are able to create and execute personalizations with Lift’s new UI, completely independent of technical resources.

    The intuitive interface makes short work of complex tasks, freeing up the marketer’s time to focus on the customer.

    As the only personalization tool built for Drupal, Lift is now able to support enterprise organizations where Drupal is not the only technology.

    Extending personalizations across any technology or channel empowers organizations to capitalize on their existing technology investments without the need to re-platform.

    The cloud-based solution includes a simple Javascript tag installation, plus APIs that enable IT to integrate the solution more seamlessly with relevant technologies.

    This makes Lift not only valuable now, but in the future, as new marketing technologies can be added to further build the best possible personalization practice within an organization.

    This is only the beginning of what Lift can do; as customer experiences continue to move beyond websites, with its open APIs and connectors, so will Lift.

    We’re excited to see what the future holds.

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