Opening Up: What's a New Tech Term or Trend You’ve Learned?

New tech terms and digital jargon change faster than you can tweet them! We asked our team to share the new, important tech terms they've learned.

Welcome back to “Opening Up,” our blog series sharing ideas and insights into the endlessly shifting world of digital transformation. New tech terms, jargon and trends appear on the scene practically every day. Whether you’re still decoding acronyms like ABM and IoT, learning the difference between micro-influencers and nano-influencers or just trying to figure out what the heck Dogecoin even is, we all have our blind spots when it comes to the expansive space of technology.

To help make sense of some of these digital trends, we asked Acquians to share a tech term that they recently learned or have become more interested in lately. Check out their answers and see if you want to add a few of these to your digital experience dictionary.  


BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup In Store) has been around for a while. But now with the popularity of contactless deliveries due to COVID-19, I’m seeing a lot of people starting to use BOPAC (Buy Online, Pickup at Curb).”

-Zack Wenthe, Master Solution Engineer, Marketing Cloud


Actionable analytics: The act of analyzing data that leads to a company making some sort of concrete action that moves the needle forward. Not just data for data’s sake.”

- Eric Miller, Global Account Director


“Neuromorphic technology: A computer architecture that mimics the human brain in order to solve issues the way humans do. This could lead to potential human-like cognition by machines, a ‘next step’ in machine learning.”

- Kaynen Heikkinen, Engineering Manager


“Data mesh: The data mesh is an exciting new approach to designing and developing data architectures. Unlike a centralized and monolithic architecture based on a data warehouse and/or a data lake, a data mesh is a highly decentralized data architecture.”

-Theresa Anderson, Principal Digital Experience Strategy Consultant


“Metaverse: A cyberspace that connects virtual and augmented reality together. People donning different avatars can flit in and out of activities within the metaverse. Metaverse implies a metaphysical universe, a parallel space where augmented reality is seamlessly connected to virtual reality.”

- Deepdisha Doshi, Principal Learning Program Manager 


“Atomic design: Atomic design was originally a methodology that gained popularity back in 2013. Atomic design breaks structured content down to smaller components that can be reused across different experiences. Atomic design, design systems and the idea of composable content continue to be big digital trends.”

- Nora Attobra, Associate Technical Architect


“Horizon Workrooms: I recently came across this new trending technology buzzword. It is a VR ‘metaverse’ by Facebook. The idea is to abandon the old style of doing video conferencing using a webcam and instead use a VR headset (like Facebook’s Oculus) to meet up in a VR space.”

- Saatwick Chandra, Associate Engineer

Any other technology terms or trends you’ve just discovered or are excited to talk about? Share your answers with us on Twitter by tagging @acquia.

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