Opening Up: How Acquia Partners Define "Digital Experience"

How do you define a digital experience? Acquia Partners share their thoughts on creating memorable, seamless digital experiences.

Today’s leading brands know that digital experience extends far beyond the website. But in a martech ecosystem made up of vast constellations of new technologies and channels, successfully orchestrating all the right elements into memorable digital experiences requires vision and strategy. 

At Acquia, we’re proud to be powering awesome digital experiences for some of the world’s most well-known brands. And it’s all made possible thanks to the help of our experienced and talented partner network. Our partnerships encompass a diverse group of business types, services, and regions, spanning from smaller specialized firms and system integrators to strategic consultants and well-known digital agencies. With such a range of skills and digital achievements to draw from, we wanted to better define exactly what “digital experience” means for Acquia and our partners.  

Previously in our “Opening Up” blog series, we asked Acquia employees, “How would you describe a digital experience?” Now we’re opening the question up to our partners to give their definitions. Here are some of their responses:  

"Forget digital. To be impactful an experience should have high utility (in the usability sense) and deliver delight to a customer or prospect." 

-Justin Emond, CEO/Founder at Third and Grove

“Digital experience is getting more ubiquitous. Very soon, we won't be able to talk about any of our experiences without a single digital element in it. And experience design is an increasingly important competitive advantage in business and technology. Consumers expect products and services that are easy to use and work as promised. We focus on aligning customer needs and business strategy with your digital experience to create memorable and long-term relationships on an optimal technology platform.”

-Chris Li, Associate Partner, IBM iX

A digital experience is a personal, engaging, informative and intuitive interaction between user and creator. If you do it right, you stay connected to your user. If you do it wrong, they leave.”

-Jason Trobman, CTO, Digital Pulp

"The digital experience is not just about the features you build, it’s about unique human-centric design. It's about building products that people like to use. We believe in validating throughout the entire process when we build a product because the user’s perspective is the top priority. The result is higher quality software that is fun and easy to use. We always think about the user experience first - it's what matters the most."

-Ken Fang, President, Mobomo

“Strong digital experience removes friction and unleashes potential. The building blocks for an exceptional experience include speed, ease, personalization, design and security.”

-Stephanie K. Minier, Director, Marketing & Strategy, NetTango

“I always think of a digital experience first and foremost as a human connection. There’s a person on the other side of the screen (or other digital interfaces) and a great digital experience always acknowledges that.”

-Ricardo Osuna, Sr. Director, Strategic Partnerships, FFW

"A digital experience occurs when people involve technology in a process that previously would've only occurred between humans without technology. A great digital experience is achieved when people interact with brands online and they get the same feeling and experience they would if they were physically interacting with that brand."

-Jared Seminoff, Strategic Partnership Manager, Acro Media Inc

“Digital experiences connect users with your brand. The constant development of digital technologies and platforms make it possible to create and deliver endless digital experiences that will become more predictive and personalized for the user across any device.”

-Jon Milne, Director of Marketing, OPIN Software

"A digital experience is when you use technology to make a human connection." 

- Bec White, Senior Director of Delivery & Collaboration,

“A digital experience is how a user interacts with your digital properties. It can be considered good, bad or neutral. It’s how these users feel about your website and digital properties. Digital experience affects your brand and how others perceive the value of your organization - so make it a good one!”

- Mindy League, Director of User Experience and Design, PrometSource

"Digital experience is a seamless, connected environment (cross-channel/cross-device) designed by an organization to bring personalized value to its customers."

- Emily White, VP, Marketing, Phase2

"A digital experience is how users interact with your brand online throughout the buying cycle. A great digital experience should provide visitors with a polished, effortless experience and make them want to return."

- Dave Terry, Co-Founder & Partner, Mediacurrent

“A digital experience is a human experience driven by numbers, data and communications. Positive digital experiences seek to solve common challenges or otherwise benefit the user. The experience could have any level of immersion and complexity, from something as seemingly simple as the battery indicator on a device to something as complex as virtual reality or artificial intelligence.”

- Bradford Robertson, Acquia Certified Front End Developer and Web Designer, WebFirst, Inc.

“A good digital experience is a seamless, intuitive extension of our IRL experiences -- talking to someone on Zoom should feel just as natural as chatting around the office water cooler.”

- Kelly Tetterton, Partner, Clarity Partners

"Paradoxically, a true, memorable digital experience should not be memorable at all. It should, ideally, feel like a natural extension of the user. The experience should align with the user's expected behaviours, desired tasks and mental models. It should provide a seamless experience that allows the user to complete his or her desired task, with minimal friction, effort and confusion. The experience itself should not be memorable, but the feeling, satisfaction, and sense of trust should be what the end user remembers. The specifics will fade, but the overall feeling of quality, competency and positivity will remain."

- Jay Menard, UX Research and Content Lead, Digital Echidna

"Digital experience is the sum total of online interactions a user (prospect/customer/constituent/citizen) has with a brand (company/organization/municipality/etc.). The more seamless, connected and intuitive those interactions are, the more affinity the user has for the brand."

-Josh Hoekwater, SVP Strategic Partnerships, Genuine 

To learn more about the great achievements and digital experiences our Partners have created with Acquia, check out our 2019 Partner Award Winners. And if you are ready for some help designing a vision and strategy to shape your digital experience in 2020, contact your Account Manager and let them know!

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