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Northwell Health Reimagines Digital Experiences with Acquia and Phase2

June 26, 2019 2 minute read
How Northwell Health maintains its across-the-board leadership position in the healthcare sector.
healthcare worker in front of large window

At Acquia, we’re always impressed by the things talented people achieve with our platform. And, we’re happy to grab any opportunity to share these innovative accomplishments with the world. Recently, we worked with our partner Phase2 on a project for our joint client, Northwell Health. Now, we’re excited to share the collective success.  

Northwell Health is New York State’s largest healthcare provider and private employer. Their mission: to improve the health of communities, while focusing on prevention, wellness and the full continuum of diagnoses, treatment and after-care services to patients.

With a growing network of 23 hospitals and about 750 outpatient facilities Northwell’s digital teams are responsible for maintaining  brand integrity across their ecosystem. To best meet this constant challenge they needed to establish a clear way to help their digital teams create web content within brand guidelines.

Working with Acquia and Phase2, Northwell established dual objectives:

  1. Empower Northwell Health’s digital teams to create new content
  2. Devise a way to maintain brand integrity across the platform of multiple hospitals and department websites.

To standardize Northwell Health’s digital presence, the team created a consolidated library of design elements and components. These designs were built out into a comprehensive digital style guide, giving each of Northwell’s digital content teams easy-to-use, standardized and flexible brand elements. The guide helped Northwell maintain a consistent look and feel across all of their health care sites and services.

This work was the basis for Northwell’s Drupal 8 replatforming. The replatforming was implemented in a gradual manner, allowing the former Drupal 7 platform to run existing sites in parallel, while new sites were being created with the new design library.

The design standards initiative allowed Northwell to expand its digital design team from a handful of digital designers to dozens of team members who were empowered to work with clients to pull together digital experiences without the need to create tickets and request developer time. The Acquia platform allowed Northwell to migrate its sites from the old Drupal 7 platform to Drupal 8 gradually while running both platforms concurrently.

Thanks to the clear focus on digital innovation, and the hard work of the talented team at Phase2, Northwell Health maintains its across-the-board leadership position in the healthcare sector.

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