ICYMI: News & Notes from Acquia, May 2020

See how Acquia customers create innovative digital experiences and the strategic advice our leadership has for investing in digital transformation.

Welcome to our Acquia News & Notes series where we’ll recap top announcements, customer stories and media drivers. 

As all industries search for a path forward and new solutions to stay connected to customers, Acquia’s leaders have been actively speaking up about how our core themes such as personalization, customer data and open source technology are instrumental in helping brands reach their goals. Our leadership has been serving as trusted advisors to our partners and customers as brands turn to offering digital experiences to engage with consumers across industries. Here is some of the best advice Acquians shared with this press this month.

  • “What are the ways that you can do the best personalization to help create the best customer experience? I think it’s about open technology — open technology is key.” 

— Lynne Capozzi, Acquia CMO,  Marketing Land

  • “This is a moment where understanding your buyers is critical to defining your discount strategy, and testing is required. Discounting is a bit like drugs; it’s both addictive and bad for you, creating unwanted and long-lasting negative impact on a brand. Instead of mass discounting, I’d generally recommend using discounting to solve specific problems for specific small audiences.”

 — Omer Artun, Acquia Chief Science Officer, Retail Touchpoints

  • “If you want to be the best at a technology, you can really do so in open source because you can literally look at everything, all of the code, versus it’s really hard to become the number one expert in a proprietary tool if you don’t actually work at the company that built it.” 

— Dries Buytaert, Acquia founder and CTO, The New Stack

Many of our customers have been investing in digital transformation to quickly adapt to the changing needs of their audiences. Vangie Cleversey, SVP of customer success at Acquia, recently spoke with MarTech Today about how the Acquia professional service team helped a customer brace their digital infrastructure for a sudden COVID-19 related traffic spike in less than a week by improving the customer’s Drupal code. They also tuned the CDN to manage the load to the site both during and after the traffic surge “The launch was a huge success,” said Cleversey. “The customer is highly appreciative that we jumped in and helped even when they didn’t know they needed it,” Cleversey said. 

Acquia customer King Arthur Flour also saw a major influx in web traffic due to a huge amount of people turning to baking during quarantine. In a feature in Adweek, King Arthur Flour shared how they worked with Acquia to enhance their server capacity and content management capabilities to meet this boost in site visitors. 

We’ve also seen customers like athletic apparel brand lululemon pivot their approach to customer experience to reach people in their homes. In a post for CMSWire, Acquia CMO Lynne Capozzi wrote, “I love to see companies like lululemon offer ‘online sweat sessions’ for yoga, meditation, dance and more, getting over 170,000 guests to join live sessions on Instagram during the first week of North America store closures.”

It’s been great to see how organizations continue to innovate to deliver the much-needed solutions and communications to their customers. Acquia is committed to keeping these conversations going and providing valuable technology that powers human connection, both in difficult times and far into the future. 

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