How to Overcome Site Sprawl and Build Brand-Compliant Sites At Scale

With Acquia Site Studio, our low-code Drupal site-building and editing tool and Acquia Site Factory, brands can build enterprise-ready sites fast.

Before I joined Acquia’s emerging products team, I worked on our Professional Services team, leading engagements with some of our largest customers building out massive web platforms on Acquia Site Factory. These are predominantly enterprise customers that are building and managing many websites — upwards of 200 on average — and they need to do this quickly, consistently, and cost-efficiently. 

These sorts of customer engagements usually start with something many in this industry call a “Discovery Workshop” — a one- to two-week period of time within which suppliers (such as Acquia), spend time with their customer’s key stakeholders, talking through all aspects of their digital needs, in an attempt to really understand how to help them be successful. And without fail, every single customer I worked with had the following requirements:

  • The sites that they create must adhere to their global brand guidelines
  • Their marketing team must be able to create content and build landing pages using pre-built components, without needing a developer
  • Content authors must have an easy-to-use and intuitive authoring experience

So when Acquia acquired Cohesion (now Acquia Site Studio) last year, I immediately saw the value of applying the intuitive, low-code Drupal site-building and editing solution to these large-scale customer projects to meet these demands. ACSF brings to the table the ability to manage multiple sites from a single interface, maintain sites from a single codebase, easily define roles, permissions and workflows, and have peace of mind that all their sites adhere to security and compliance standards. It offers unparalleled platform governance.

Meanwhile, Acquia Site Studio makes Drupal intuitive and easy to use. It offers a simple drag-and-drop interface for individuals with minimal coding skills to build, edit and manage websites quickly and easily with a component-based, master design system. This means new, brand-compliant websites can be spun up by non-technical users in a matter of days or hours, instead of weeks or months. 

So Site Factory plus Site Studio equals faster time to market for new brand-compliant sites built at scale. 

Another byproduct of this combination: more IT resources. Since marketers, designers and content authors are now enabled to take site-building off the IT team’s plate, those teams that would have been building and managing websites can now be allocated to higher priority projects. Imagine what other revenue-driving projects your technical teams can focus on now that they’re not spending their days spinning up new websites and landing pages!

For more information about this best-of-both-worlds combination of Acquia Site Factory and Acquia Site Studio, check out our e-book, “How To Build Brand-Compliant Sites At Scale.”

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