How Acquia is Committed to Serving the UK’s Public Sector

Acquia has a history of helping public-sector clients, including Brighton & Hove City Council, Teach First, and London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Today, the majority of public-sector organisations need to cater for citizens and businesses across a large variety of touch-points, channels and devices. Acquia is no stranger to these challenges, as we have long supported a community of public-sector clients that understands the importance of digital to deliver their missions.  

From the City of Boston to the State of Georgia, we’ve learned how government institutions operate, how they serve their citizens and businesses, what internal barriers there are to overcome — which means we have a lot we can offer to the UK.

We’re not new to the UK public sector though. At this point in time, we work with councils, higher education institutions and more — and while each have their own challenges, our technology gives every organisation the freedom to build on their terms, overcome hurdles, and thrive. In this blog post, we’ll cover three customer stories that highlight how our technology helps public-sector clients manage everything easily, while offering a consistently great experience at any point.

Enabling Brighton & Hove City Council to Better Serve Citizens

Brighton & Hove City Council recently observed an important trend in its district: more and more, its residents expect to be able to access the 800 services the councils offers, online. However, the council’s 8-year-old website wasn’t up for the challenge.

The council needed to reinvent its digital front door to better support to needs of its citizens. So they turn to Acquia and our cloud platform. Our Drupal-based architecture now enables the council to manage multiple sites simultaneously, and respond to citizen or team requirements rapidly with new features or services.

Enabling Brighton & Hove City Council to Better Serve Citizens

 Helping Teach First Improve Education Through collaboration

Teach First is a nonprofit organization that works with teachers in under-resourced schools to raise academic achievement and to improve how its members collaborate to learn from one another.

Previously, Teach First was on a proprietary platform, which prevented the organisation from meeting the demands of a diverse group of 2,500 participants and 2,000 ambassadors. Through their work with Acquia, Teach First’s flagship site now offers the ability for community members to register for events, author blog posts, and engage with other users more regularly.

Joining the G-Cloud Framework to Help Other Public-Sector Organisations

Due to Acquia’s commitment to the United Kingdom’s public sector, we are also an approved vendor on the government’s G-Cloud procurement platform. This is how the leading research and education centre the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) first discovered Acquia. LSHTM doubled its website traffic, tripled the subscriptions to its newsletter, and improved the way students and funders found information about the school online while working with Acquia.

“What we liked about Acquia was that it was absolutely committed to coming on a journey with us, and the project wasn’t just about getting us hosted on its platforms,” said Jon Faulkner, CIO at the LSHTM. “The company has the right credentials in terms of infrastructure, people, skill set and support to help us solve the challenges we were facing.”

A video case study interview with Faulkner from LSHTM is available on our website.

To find out more about how we can help public-sector organisations become digital leaders, get in touch with us.

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