Great Advertising Starts from Within

March 8, 2019 3 minute read
We want to be authentic about who we are and what we offer, as the digital experience category is crowded, and constantly evolving. Learn More.

“I’m not sure we’ve met before.”

That’s what I say when I’m being introduced to people that I don’t think I have met before, but maybe have and can’t seem to place. It’s also what I want to say when I think about writing ad copy for Acquia.

You see, some people know us and love us. Many others have not had the pleasure of meeting us but I would be willing to bet that they at least know of us. Most people do not realize that Acquia is the driving force behind so many of the websites and digital experiences that they interact with on a daily basis. With that in mind, it felt like the right time to reintroduce Acquia to the world.


In doing that, we evolved our core positioning, gave ourselves a visual facelift, and decided to strip away as much industry jargon as possible and be straightforward about who we are and the value we offer. At its simplest, we are the open source digital experience company. Open source is in the foundation of our company and we do more with the technology than any other company out there. If you are unfamiliar, open source is essentially about community and people working together to make things better. Since we were born from this idea, community is in our DNA. 

When thinking about how we bring who we are to the world, it naturally had to start with people. Especially, our people - the builders, innovators, and problem solvers behind the tech and on the front lines, across the world doing their best every day to prove we are the leader in open source digital experience. We chose to put their faces in our advertising. We wanted to bring them out from the shadows and allow them to be the face of the company - because even at a tech company, it’s about the people. 


We want to be authentic about who we are and what we offer, as the digital experience category is complex, crowded, and constantly evolving. It’s hard for people on the outside to keep up and we believe a little transparency can go a long way. Having only employees represent our company in advertising is a process and will take time to fully realize, but it’s effort that we think is worth making. It’s real, it’s different, and it can only be uniquely us.

Our new advertising debuts as a takeover of the Kendall Square Station stop in Boston and will be up for 8 weeks through April 2019. I’m immensely proud of this work and I know my colleagues are too.

We’re Acquia and it’s nice to meet you.

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