Gain Insights into Business Impacts from COVID-19 with a New Dashboard in Acquia CDP

The COVID Analysis Dashboard in Acquia CDP provides in-depth analytical insights into the business impacts of COVID-19.

Acquia Marketing Cloud includes robust customer and business analytics, including marketer-friendly reports and dashboards that are built into Acquia Customer Data Platform (CDP). Today, we’re announcing a new dashboard for all Acquia CDP customers, which provides in-depth analytical insights into the business impacts of COVID-19: the COVID Analysis Dashboard. Developed in collaboration with industries that have been heavily impacted by the global pandemic, and under the strategic guidance of Omer Artun, Chief Science Officer at Acquia, we are delivering the COVID Analysis Dashboard at no additional cost for all customers using Acquia CDP. While the dashboard helps retailers in particular answer questions about store closures, all Acquia CDP customers will benefit from having insights into the impact of consumers staying home and changing their routines. The dashboard helps marketers and business leaders answer questions such as:

  • What products are people buying online pre-COVID vs. now?
  • Who are the consumers specifically acquired during COVID-19, and how are these customers different from typical newly acquired customers? 
  • How has customer channel preference changed and how sticky is it after store reopening?
  • How well are you migrating customers from one channel to another during COVID-19?
  • What is the business impact of stores closing due to COVID-19?
  • How well is your e-commerce business performing and what are the main drivers of this performance? 

Instant Business Benefits for Acquia CDP Customers

The dashboard is available out-of-the-box for any company that is ingesting data into Acquia CDP with immediate actionable insights that are easy for marketers to interpret. We can also configure the dashboard for any customizations you might want in addition to the out-of-the-box insights, to be tailored to your specific business needs. 

We developed the dashboard to give marketers visual insights that address the following themes: 

  • Overall business impact of COVID-19
  • Shift in product preferences during COVID-19
  • Understanding channel migration during COVID-19
  • Understanding online buying behaviors during COVID-19
  • Exploring behaviors, retention rates and preferences of newly acquired customers during COVID-19
  • Guidance on how to re-open stores with the optimum financial impact

COVID Analysis Dashboard Details: Six Example Reports

Acquia’s COVID Analysis Dashboard includes over 45 critical marketing reports with the flexibility to include any metrics that are important to your business. Also, you can easily customize the date ranges and details of the insights (for example, the date range of store closures can easily be changed to represent your exact closure dates). Below are sample reports that highlight the business value of these insights. 

1. Business Overview During Store Closures

These reports track overall revenue changes year over year during a store closure time frame, based on configurable KPIs such as buyer count changes, revenue per customer change, AOV changes, etc.

Sample Graph: Business Overview Showing KPI Trends

2. Digital Channel Behavior

These reports display the channel mix of customers during the store closure time frame, mainly focusing on e-commerce revenue, buyer counts and AOV and an in-depth view of online buyers during this period. 

Sample Graph: Digital Channel Behavior Based on Transactions


Sample Graph: E-commerce Buyers During Stores Closed 2020

3. Product Performance

These reports show top product categories by channel and by gender during a store closure time frame, and after a store reopening, both in the store and online. 

Sample Graph: Top Product Categories Channel Breakdown Stores Closed

4. Acquisition

These reports display details about customers acquired during COVID-19, including their retention per week of acquisition, acquisition per channel, retention rate per channel, as well as a side-by-side comparison of their demographics and product preference with customers who were acquired during the same period last year.

Sample Graph: Acquisition by State and Product Category

Sample Graph: E-commerce Buyers Product Category Preferences Comparison

5. Store Reopening

These reports illustrate top products in the store after reopening, including top stores by transactions after reopening based on transactions and AOV, and broken out by state, product, and channel.

Sample Graph: Top Stores by Transactions After Store Reopening

6. Conversion from Store-Only to Online-Only

These reports, available with Acquia Cohort Analysis, illustrate channel migration effectiveness when stores were closed due to COVID-19. They display metrics such as percentage of buyers who converted from retail-only buyers before COVID-19 to e-commerce buyers after store closures. The reports give you a closer look into buyers who converted to the online channel, both by demographics and by product category, comparing 2019 data with 2020 data. 

Sample Graph: Repeat E-commerce Buyers During Store Closures

Want to learn more? 

Contact us to get a demo of our COVID Analysis Dashboards and start gaining insights into your business, beginning with understanding how COVID-19 is impacting consumer behaviors, buying patterns and where you should invest to maximize retention, loyalty, as well as how to turn one-time buyers acquired during COVID-19 into high value customers.  

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