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Forrester Research: Enterprises Should Keep an Eye on Drupal

Forrester Research says enterprises interested in open source web content management should keep a close eye on Drupal and Alfresco. We agree. So does the Alfresco team. It's great to see the cream rising to the top.

In their report published yesterday entitled "Web Content Management And Open Source: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions", Forrester analysts Stephen Powers, Kyle McNabb, and Shelby Catino highlight Drupal (with Acquia backing) and Alfresco as the most "relevant". Among a wildly crowded field, Drupal+Acquia and Alfresco stood out for strong technical architecture, active communities, and strong commercial backing that make the technology more accessible. Sounds about right, doesn't it?

This report is focused on the web content management category, but the principles found within it apply across the entire social publishing spectrum. Organic open source software like Drupal is at the forefront of the convergence of web content management, blogging, wiki collaboration, and social networking. That's what the market wants, and the Drupal open source developers have been delivering it through relentless check-ins that converge into a kind of fractal order. The result is a living stream of continuously relevant social software. It's beautiful.

Transparency Statement: Acquia is not a client of Forrester. We keep Forrester up to date on what we're doing, and they did come to us looking for a few Drupal customer references while working on this report. But they did their own interviews and analysis and published the report without prior review by us.