Content Authoring in Drupal 8

Content Authoring in Drupal 8

Editor's note: This is the second installment of a 2018 update to our "The Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8" blog series, fresh off the presses for Drupal 8.6.

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Drupal 8 has a lot in store for you, whatever you do with Drupal. This series will enumerate the major changes, features, and updates in Drupal 8 for service providers and end users, site builders, designers, theme- and front-end developers, and for module and back-end developers.

A major area of focus in developing Drupal 8 was around the out-of-the-box experience for content authors and editors—the folks who actually use Drupal websites every day.

Here are some of the changes you’ll see.

WYSIWYG editor

Drupal 8 ships with the CKEditor WYSIWYG editor in the default installation.

WYSIWYG editor


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In addition to supporting what you’d expect in a WYSIWYG editor—buttons for bold, italic, images, links, and so on—it supports extras, such as easily editable image captions, thanks to CKEditor’s new widgets feature, developed specifically for Drupal’s use.

It is fully integrated into Drupal 8, from Drupal-styled dialogs, to utilizing Drupal’s user roles and permissions, to image management, and it ensures that we keep the benefits of Drupal’s structured content concepts in our WYSIWYG implementation.

Drupal 8 also sports a drag-and-drop admin interface for customising the WYSIWYG toolbar; adding and removing buttons automatically syncs the allowed HTML tags for a given text format. Buttons are contained in “button groups” with labels that are invisible to the naked eye, but that can be read by screen readers, providing an accessible editing experience for visually impaired users.

Though core only supports CKEditor, Drupal 8’s Editor module wraps around the WYSIWYG integration, so other text editors, libraries and contributed modules can be used and tightly integrated as well.

In-Place Editing

Drupal 8’s "quick edit" in-place editing feature allows editors to click into any field within a piece of content, anywhere it appears on the front end of the site and edit it right there, without ever visiting the back-end editing form. User profiles, custom blocks, and more are all editable in-place as well.

In-Place Editing in Drupal

Additionally, the settings tray module allows for quick configuration changes, such as the title of a sidebar block, or the number of records shown.

Other modules also leverage the settings tray module to expose their configuration, including Drupal 8 core's layout builder and workspaces modules.

Content Authoring in Drupal 8

That's a Wrap

Join us for our next installment, when we'll be talking all about Drupal 8's new media handling capabilities.

Angela Byron

Angela Byron

Sr. Director, Product & Community Development Acquia, Inc.

Angela Byron, senior director of product and community development, is a Drupal core committer, recipient of the Google-O'Reilly Open 2008 Source Award for Best Contributor, co-author of the O'Reilly book "Using Drupal," and an open source evangelist who lives and breathes Drupal.

She got her start in Drupal as a Google Summer of Code student in 2005 and since then has completely immersed herself in contributing to open source. Her work includes core patch review, improving the user experience of Drupal through the Spark project, strategic initiative coordination, testing and quality assurance efforts, improving and fixing documentation, and general community cat herding.

She lives near Vancouver, British Columbia, with her amazing daughter. She’s passionate about getting new people (especially women) involved in open source, as well as geeky computer stuff in general. When the keyboard is pried from her hands once or twice a year, she enjoys video games, logic puzzles, drawing silly cartoons, and finding unique things to do around town with her eclectic group of awesome friends.