Acquia Response to, and Readiness for, COVID-19

At Acquia, we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation with great urgency, and want to provide our customers, partners and employees with updates.

At Acquia, we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation with great urgency, and want to provide our customers, partners and employees with the following updates. We are focused first and foremost on the safety and well-being of everyone and we will describe the measures we have deployed to do so. The security, availability and resiliency of our platforms and solutions also remain top priorities for Acquia. We have a robust Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place and fully tested to address the kind of external challenges we are faced with today. Having such a plan is just one part of the overall commitment Acquia makes to security, compliance and operational excellence.

Below is information about the key areas we are focused on as we continue to deliver business-as-usual solutions to our customers and partners, while also being focused on the health and well-being of those customers and partners, as well as our employees. Our BCP, coupled with the actions described below, ensure that all critical processes, dependencies and operational support needs are identified and planned for in the event that external factors such as COVID-19 force other actions to be implemented. We plan for and test our ability to be able to respond in situations like the one we are facing and want our customers, partners and employees to have the confidence of knowing that we are already implementing required actions to ensure that you feel nothing other than business-as-usual performance from Acquia.

Operational Support and Performance

Acquia supports thousands of customers globally and does so with a geographically distributed workforce and infrastructure deployment strategy. We continue to leverage our public cloud partners across various regions. Our ability to monitor and maintain our solutions across these regions benefits from a “follow the sun” model in both operations and support - and as a result, our ability to deliver industry-leading uptime, with industry-leading security remains intact and uncompromised by events such as COVID-19. We have engaged all functions toward a state of BCP readiness, and remain committed to delivering uninterrupted service to our customers and partners.

Workforce Readiness

As stated previously, Acquia employs a distributed workforce globally. Having infrastructure up and running is just one component of being there for our customers. We ensure that we have sufficient redundancy in capabilities across our global regions to enable the delivery of services to our customers and partners in the same way that they would expect during any business as usual period. We already support and enable work from home practices across our teams and continue to focus on best practices in doing so; utilize SaaS-based systems for all internal IT systems such that no reliance on physical locations is required to operate; leverage best-of-breed collaboration systems such as Zoom and Slack, and; ensure that that highest level of security is maintained in such an operating model. Our investments in security and compliance ensure that our industry-leading security and compliance attestations extend to a fully remote operating model if such was necessary.

Our BCP outlines all the key operating impacts when events such as COVID-19 occur and we ensure that its effectiveness is constantly tested.

Health and Safety

Most importantly, we understand the concerns that COVID-19 has given rise to, and we are focused on ensuring that the health and safety of our customers, partners and employees are first and foremost considered in the actions we take. We have placed restrictions on travel for our employees, eliminating it for internal purposes, and limiting travel to customers and partners to critical meetings only. We are monitoring the situation globally and have already made work from home decisions for a number of our office locations. We are focused on ensuring that all of our office locations have the highest level of hygiene and have issued health guidance and tips to our own employees, including preparing employees to work from home as required. We continue to monitor guidance from the CDC and WHO, and will remain nimble in enacting any and all measures necessary to ensure that the health and safety of our customers, partners and employees is our primary concern.

Thank you for your partnership in working with Acquia. Please rest assured that you will have reliable access to your Acquia platform and solutions during this time of uncertainty. We will be there for you in the same way we always have been and will continue to update this blog with all formal communications related to our readiness for COVID-19.