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Acquia DAM Mobile App Keeps Users Connected on the Go

May 25, 2023 3 minute read
The Acquia DAM (Widen) mobile app on Android and iOS keeps users connected to their DAM content on the go
Blog header image: Acquia DAM Mobile App article.

Not many people leave home today without their mobile phone. Who are we kidding? Not many people leave the room without their phone! So we know access to content and data on the go is critical for today’s marketers. That’s why we have a mobile app version of Acquia DAM (Widen). 

Available for both iOS and Android, the mobile app is an extension of your Acquia DAM site. It upholds each customer’s security structure, allowing permissioned users to search, preview, and share up-to-date assets in their DAM site. Original files or web-friendly versions can also be downloaded and saved.

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Accessing assets

To begin, users download the mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and then follow prompts to validate their instance. Once logged in, mobile access remains active as long as users log into their full Acquia DAM site every 30 days.

Locating assets can be done via search, or by navigating the collections or categories tabs. When browsing assets, users can choose to view them as thumbnail images or in a list. And to narrow results, faceted search allows users to filter their results even further. 

To get a closer look at an asset, click on the image to access metadata and security information, as well as options for downloading and sharing. 

Downloading and sharing content

We know that when you download and share content on the go, your workflow and asset needs are different than when you’re at your computer. So in the mobile app, you’re able to download a web-friendly version of images, PDFs, and Microsoft documents. You’re also able to download the original versions of these file types and others, including audio, Adobe InDesign, and compressed archive files. Assets can then be saved to your phone or uploaded to an application of your choice. Need a collection? We’ve got you covered. In the mobile app you can create collections on the fly as well as add or remove assets from existing collections. 

Sharing content is just as easy, too. (That’s right, we’re looking out for you social media teams!) Similar to sharing photos from your phone, you can share assets with any of your phone contacts and apps. But don’t worry about sharing assets you shouldn’t. The DAM site’s permissioning structure extends to the mobile experience, so users can only share the same assets as they were able to in the full site. And all expired and unreleased assets will be viewable based on permissions, but aren’t able to be shared. 

Getting started with the mobile app

To get started, users with an active Acquia DAM account can find and download the iOS and Android apps in their respective app stores. Then, just follow the instructions. The app is compatible with iOS 14.0+ for iPhone and 14.0+ for iPad, as well as Android 6.0+. 

And this is only the beginning; more updates are always in progress. To stay in the know, Acquia DAM customers can follow our product roadmap to get a look ahead at future releases and product updates. 

Download the Acquia DAM mobile app today.






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