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Add Metadata to Thousands of Assets at Once With Acquia DAM’s Metadata Importer

May 27, 2023 2 minute read
Our metadata importer allows users to update metadata for hundreds or even thousands of assets at a time
Blog header image: Explore Acquia DAM’s Metadata Importer article.

Accurate metadata allows users across your organization to find and retrieve assets quickly. With rapidly growing libraries of content, keeping metadata up to date can be a time-consuming challenge. Digital asset management (DAM) admins are often tasked with applying metadata to large batches of assets from events like photoshoots, product updates, and rebrands.

Acquia DAM (Widen) includes tools to make this process less labor-intensive. For example, upload profiles automatically place assets into specific asset groups and can apply preset metadata. Batch editing allows you to edit metadata for similar files at once. And image recognition and auto-tagging tools can help generate metadata for some types of imagery. But the fact remains that much of the metadata for most assets is applied manually … and it’s time-consuming!

That’s why our metadata importer provides a way to update metadata for hundreds or even thousands of assets at a time. 

A self-serve metadata import process

Acquia DAM offers a self-serve metadata import tool that allows admins to bulk import metadata with CSV files. To import metadata for existing assets from a CSV spreadsheet into your DAM site, the importer will walk you through four steps:

  1. Select a CSV file
  2. Map fields
  3. Review
  4. Finish

The metadata mapping tool displays sample data from the import spreadsheet to give you context and confidence while mapping your fields. Plus, import review estimates are presented prior to running the import to give you an indication of how much of the mapping will be done and any assets or values that will be skipped. 

You can also use the metadata importer to quickly update multiple asset file names that need to align with your brand’s file-naming conventions or when there’s new branding for a product. There’s no need to edit file names one by one in your DAM site or re-upload files with updated names. The metadata importer has you covered. 

DAM - Metadata Import Tool

Learn more about how to import metadata with the metadata importer tool on our support site. And if you’re not using Acquia DAM yet, request, watch, or click through a demo today to see it in action. 

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