Two-color badge indicating RealCDP certification for 2023
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Acquia Customer Data Platform Receives Top Marks as a Certified RealCDP

April 10, 2023 4 minute read
The CDP Institute certifies that Acquia CDP meets all qualifications.
Two-color badge indicating RealCDP certification for 2023

At Acquia, we’ve long understood that holistic and actionable customer insights are critical for the success of any modern business. To that end, we’ve continued to develop the Acquia Customer Data Platform (Acquia CDP), a leading force in the industry for more than 15 years. Today, the rest of the world is catching on to the value and power of CDPs.

We see that in the rapid expansion of the CDP market. According to the Gartner 2022 Market Guide for Customer Data Platforms, companies selling CDPs received more than $2.4 billion in venture capital investments through 2021. However, as the number of customer data-focused vendors increases, so does the confusion over what features marketers really need when they invest in a CDP.

A few years ago, the Customer Data Platform Institute launched its RealCDP program, a comprehensive evaluation meant to weed out the pretenders from the contenders, so to speak, and provide businesses with an authoritative guide on how to select an enterprise-ready CDP. Acquia is proud to announce that Acquia CDP has been recertified for 2023 by the CDP Institute as a RealCDP, meeting all requirements needed to provide a complete, unified, and accessible customer database. Fulfilling every requirement within the audit is a remarkable accomplishment among CDP players and a testament to our ongoing innovation.

Understanding the RealCDP certification

So what does it mean for Acquia to be RealCDP certified?

The full certification process involves an extensive audit by CDP experts. It measures systems against seven capabilities: 

  1. Ingest data from any source
  2. Capture full detail of ingested data
  3. Store ingested data indefinitely (subject to privacy constraints)
  4. Create unified profiles of identified individuals
  5. Share data with any system that needs it
  6. Respond in real time to new data and to profile requests
  7. Govern customer data in compliance with local privacy and security regulations

Beyond these requirements, a RealCDP audit evaluates elements such as channels and data sources supported, third-party applications supported, ability to conduct real-time processing, analytics and reporting capabilities, model building and scoring, personalization, and journey orchestration. Acquia CDP met every requirement within all 17 CDP capabilities, validating our leading experience in the space and our vision of offering organizations a connected, 360° customer data platform. With this achievement, Acquia CDP again proves itself as both a powerful data storage solution and the foundation of a greater, connected marketing cloud that provides users with valuable business intelligence capabilities and helps drive marketing ROI. 

“The Acquia CDP is a RealCDP with enhanced functionality and a full CDP stack. This is an enterprise marketing solution designed to improve sales and marketing efficiency and results,” said David Raab, founder of the CDP Institute.

As marketers continue to weed through hundreds of offerings in search of a better way to integrate and activate all their customer data across multiple channels and systems, they need a trustworthy source for determining which CDP vendors will actually help them achieve their goals. Acquia is a true innovator when it comes to customer data management, and our CDP team continues to improve upon what it means to offer an open, data-driven marketing cloud. Acquia CDP’s flexible machine learning framework supports marketing efficiency and customer understanding while our unified, persistent database ensures a central source of clean, deduped, and stitched customer records that inform all sides of the customer experience.

Delivers enhanced CDP capabilities, minimizes impact on IT resources, and provides users direct data access with easy no-code and SQL options

Acquia believes in fulfilling and exceeding all expectations for what a true CDP can do. We’ll continue to provide lifelong value for marketers who want to work smarter and accomplish more with their data. We’ve already got an extensive list of customers, including brands like J.Crew, Sun & Ski Sportsand Arcelik, who use Acquia CDP to generate meaningful customer relationships and generate valuable ROI for their business initiatives. 

Learn more about how to select a CDP that’s best for your organization’s goals by downloading The CDP Institute’s RealCDP report.


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