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Acquia Acquires Cohesion: Enabling The Fastest Drupal Site-Building

September 4, 2019 3 minute read
Acquia is excited to announce our acquisition of Cohesion, the first enterprise-grade, low-code Drupal website builder and creator of DX8.
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A company’s website is the backbone for their overall digital strategy. Its ability to quickly create, launch, update and optimize websites is now table stakes. Drupal is the most powerful and flexible platform to create digital experiences and manage websites. To help our customers launch, manage and update their Drupal sites faster, we are excited to announce our acquisition of Cohesion, the first enterprise-grade, low-code Drupal website builder and creator of DX8. The addition of the Cohesion team is an important step in our quest to bring together the best-in-class tools customers need to orchestrate their digital experiences -- from websites and apps to digital signage and anything else along the customer journey. 

Although developers can be the architects of modern marketing and have previously been the ones ultimately responsible for building and customizing digital experiences, developer bottleneck is an oft-cited hurdle marketers face in achieving their goals. Cohesion DX8’s platform empowers content marketers and site builders with minimal coding skills, ultimately, speeding up the entire site building process. Through this acquisition, only Acquia customers and partners can build Drupal websites up to 4X faster (according to user testing), freeing up technical resources to focus on other valuable aspects of building exceptional customer experiences. 

451 Research’s Sheryl Kingstone, Research Vice President, Customer Experience and Commerce, shared her thoughts with us on the acquisition: “There’s enormous pressure to deliver differentiated and personalized customer experiences. Organizations need a well-planned approach to business and IT innovation that empowers their team to move from creation to delivery quickly. Acquia’s acquisition of Cohesion is aimed at giving powerful, low-code solutions to marketers and site builders, enabling them to move fast and take a bigger role in site creation and delivery. 451 Research Voice of the Enterprise, Customer Experience and Commerce data shows that 68 percent of digital leaders are investing in more modern digital technologies like Cohesion DX8 to address customers’ demand for new immersive experiences and more contextually driven interactions.”

Cohesion DX8’s solution is a natural fit with our mission at Acquia to provide brands with technology that allows them to embrace innovation and build customer moments that matter -- on their own terms. This acquisition builds upon our belief in the power of community by helping developers, designers and marketers bridge departmental gaps and work better together to create richer websites faster and with unprecedented creative freedom. With Cohesion DX8, enterprises or agencies can enhance what they do with Drupal. They can build and maintain websites that evolve and stay current with changing customer demands while ensuring brand consistency and governance -- all without requiring intervention from the development team who can focus on more complex projects like integrations, advanced interactivity or mobile apps. 

Today, keeping pace with the speed of business requires agility, resilience and innovation. We believe that through this acquisition, we help organizations meet the needs of today’s experience economy by breaking down the barriers that hold them back from growth: barriers between teams or departments, between systems and platforms and between the organization and its customers. Cohesion shares our vision for empowering innovative digital experiences built on Drupal. Together, Acquia and Cohesion DX8 will allow customers to quickly create and launch fully integrated experiences across the entire customer journey, leading to a stronger relationship between brands and customers - the end goal for any organization. 

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