Tahlor DiCicco, Acquia

Tahlor DiCicco

Director of Marketing, Asia Pacific & Japan

Tahlor DiCicco is Acquia’s director of marketing for Asia Pacific and Japan.

“I chose to work at Acquia because it was a small Boston-based startup that was doing BIG things in the digital space,” she said. “When I first came to the Burlington office (circa spring 2012), I could feel the energy and excitement as soon as I walked through the door. It was this feeling of being surrounded by incredibly smart people who are passionate about what they do. It's still that way today.”

She said her favorite part about working at Acquia is learning something new every day. Whether it is job-specific, something to do with the ever-changing digital technology industry, or something about her teammates, customers or partners, every day is different and has new learning opportunities.

She’s also had a lot of fun. DiCicco’s the one in the gray sweater and green shirt at the beginning of the video below.

It’s that office culture that makes her feel right at home.

“The people who work at Acquia have become family," she said. “Even the Acquians that have moved onto new opportunities are some of the best friends I have made throughout my life. Even at all of the Acquia company social events, we invite Acquia-alumni. That says something.”

And it’s that sense of community that drives DiCicco and other Acquians to really dig in and own their roles.

“In the fall of 2014, I was on a flight from Boston to Dallas for an event. I was working on the flight and the gentleman next to me noticed the Drupal sticker on my laptop. He asked what experience I had with Drupal and open source,” she said. “I ended up pitching him Acquia on the flight and walking him through a brief Acquia Cloud demo showing him the features of Insight, etc. We ended up talking the entire flight. I then introduced him to a number of folks on the team, and nearly a year later our sales team closed the deal. You never know who you'll me on airplanes.”

Two years ago, I moved from Boston to Australia to lead Acquia’s marketing and business development in the Asia-Pacific/Japan region. It’s been quite the ride and a wonderful experience to be part of a fast-growing company in a new and high-growth market.