Headshot of Rebecca Rusby with a yellow background
CX Lead CapGemini

Rebecca Rusby

Business leader with over 11 years’ experience, working across a variety of industries and on a diverse range of challenges, all centered around improving the way businesses utilize data, analytics and enabling technologies to optimize customer experience, across commerce, marketing, sales and customer service.

Realized significant commercial performance by growing the data driven customer experience unit at Capgemini by increasing awareness of the offer at a global level, pitching to new businesses and expanding growth from within.

Adopted an inclusive leadership style, with a strong ethos on collaboration.

Committed and passionate about improving knowledge of new growing areas of data and CX best practices.

Data-driven customer experience empowers you to take full advantage of interconnected data while building trust, transparency, and long-term relationships. I am passionate about helping brands build meaningful relationships with their customers, through the use of data and technology.