Phil Frilling
Lead Back-end Engineer Oomph

Phil Frilling

Phil is a Lead Back-end Engineer at Oomph, based in Ohio. He helps to build amazing digital experiences on both the front and back ends of projects and is passionate about open-source software – especially Drupal! Phil embodies the developer trifecta: knowledgeable, dependable, and an effective communicator.

Phil created many custom content management systems until 2007 when he was introduced to Drupal and realized the power of the open-source community. Since then, he has built hundreds of sites using Drupal and expresses his thanks to the software by giving back to the community as often as possible.

When Phil isn’t working he loves being outdoors. You will find him playing golf, cycling, and skiing. In the fall, Phil’s favorite activity is to don a pair of lederhosen and attend Oktoberfest celebrations.