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Katelyn Fogarty

Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing
Acquia, Inc.

At Acquia my main responsibility is managing and maintaining Acquia.com. I've been managing Drupal websites for about 7 years now, but started off as a web and graphics designer. I transitioned into a front-end web developer in a marketing organization, started building and managing Drupal sites then moved into marketing management. I came from a mix of consumer and business marketing prior to Acquia and with my strong skills in design and development I have been able to move quickly with Drupal and love it!

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Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 12:09
Test, test, test, everyone has an opinion of what will work best when it comes to websites but you can’t argue with data. We know marketers love data! (cute marketing pick up line, “I love you, like a marketer loves data!” ) Testing is a huge part More...