Cynthia Tang
Registered Psychologist & Experience Design Team Lead Sitback Solutions

Cynthia Tang

Cynthia Tang is a registered psychologist and the Experience Design Team Lead at Sitback Solutions. For the past five years she has led the XD team in work across a broad range of clients, from Citibank to Luna Park to Starlight Children's Charity; solving complex UX problems and giving a voice to the user.

Cynthia is a champion of the Design Thinking methodology and acts as a true advocate for human-centric solutions, even going so far as to provide training for companies like CommBank to improve their understanding of UX.

With a lifelong interest in human behaviour, Cynthia is fascinated by the 'why' behind people's actions and behaviours. As such, influenced by her background in psychology, her specialism has naturally focused on qualitative UX research; uncovering the needs and motivations of users when interacting with digital applications and identifying opportunities to optimise these experiences.