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Aurelien Navarre

Senior Technical Solutions Analyst
Acquia, Inc.

Aurelien started working at the Daily Newspaper France Soir and then worked for United Business Media (UBM) as a system, network and security engineer where he deployed and managed an ambitious VMware virtualization program. Previously he was a Drupal web developer at WebZen and participated in building one of the very first Drupal 7 websites with Gold accessibility standards. When he is not helping in the issue queue, he is involved with the competitive intelligence communities, such as Jive and Confluence and also teaches french Drupalists how to master Drupal through weekly screencasts on www.drupalfacile.org

Recent blog posts

Posted on Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 06:19
Note: special thanks to Moshe Weitzman for reviewing this post. Drush has always been one of our favorite productivity tools here at Acquia. Whether you’re backing up your code, files and database, setting up a cron job or auditing and More...