Aaron "Checo" Pacheco

Aaron 'Checo' Pacheco

Program Manager, Infrastructure Services

Aaron "Checo" Pacheco is a program manager in Acquia’s Infrastructure Services.

He started at Acquia in 2011 as a student in the Acquia U program.

“Working at Acquia has changed my life,” Pacheco said. “At the time, I was desperate to leave my previous industry and try something new. With only some hobby-level experience with web coding at the time, Acquia gave me the opportunity to learn and thrive. In the time since, I moved from front-lines customer support to product advocacy, and now in my current role I set the priorities for five different product-related engineering teams. It's been a phenomenal learning opportunity, and I can't wait to see where Acquia will take me next.”
Pacheco said the people he works with make working at Acquia fulfilling.

Many of his favorite memories with the company come from helping customers when they need it the most.

“While I was a member of the Acquia support team, I had a number of opportunities to diagnose customer site issues during critical events when maximum uptime was absolutely essential,” Pacheco said. “Working with customers and colleagues to identify the exact source of their problems while the clock was ticking was exhilarating, and the shared sense of accomplishment we experienced when the issues were finally resolved, and the sites were stabilized is something I still miss about being in support. I think that's one thing that really sets Acquia apart from other companies. Everyone here just genuinely wants to help our customers succeed.”