Former Product Lead, Acquia Cloud Platform Acquia

Aaron 'Checo' Pacheco

Aaron "Checo" Pacheco started at Acquia in 2011 as a member of the Acquia Support team, where he spent four years in various roles helping Acquia's customers build, maintain, and troubleshoot hundreds of different Drupal applications. In 2015, Checo moved onto Acquia's R&D team to oversee a complete overhaul of Acquia's platform monitoring and automations. Then in 2017, Checo moved into Product Management so he could channel his years of experience working directly with customers into making impactful product changes. Since then, he has overseen the rollout of multiple new features and UX enhancement initiatives across the Acquia Cloud Platform and Site Factory products, and he now functions as the Product Lead on both the Acquia Cloud Platform and Acquia's next-gen cloud initiatives.