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Join our workshops to become an expert in low-code, powerful site-building with Acquia's Site Studio certification program.

Today everyone is responsible for owning the digital experience. Marketers, developers and site operators must be empowered with the tools they need to build and improve websites fast without getting bogged down by long development cycles and slow-moving IT processes. Acquia Site Studio empowers all users by putting them in the driver’s seat of their digital transformation. 

Since Site Studio became part of the Acquia family last September we’ve been working hard to provide more and better training and support materials for our customers. We launched what we called our Site Studio Early Adopters Program for Acquia Preferred Partners. The program ran for around five months and the engagement was fantastic. When we closed the program at the end of March over 30 agencies had been Site Studio enabled and over 150 people in their teams had gained the Site Studio Site Building Award, a program that ensures they can build best in class websites using Site Studio.

Molly Shenberger, Acquia’s Senior Director for Partners, along with her team of partner managers, also worked closely with our early adopter agencies to drive new business opportunities, both with existing customers and by bringing new customers into the Drupal ecosystem that previously might have dismissed it as an option.

“Acquia Site Studio offers our partners a real differentiator in the market. Once their customers have experienced the difference that a Site Studio-enabled site offers their marketing and content teams, they look to start adopting.”

The agencies that went through the program and are now formally Acquia approved are:

For a full list of individuals that have passed the site builder award see our online registry.

While the award was very successful at enabling some key agency partners we wanted to create a program for all agencies that aligned with our other certifications and, crucially, was externally proctored so that anyone accessing the registry knows 100% that everyone that has passed has been examined to consistent, rigorous standards.

I’m delighted to announce that we have now launched the new certification program and it’s now available on Acquia Academy for all our partners and customers. A combination of videos, live exercises and a final test provides all the skills needed to get someone up and running on Site Studio and building Drupal websites.  Not only that but they’ll be building them faster than before while also offering your customers content and marketing teams a custom, intuitive page building and content editing experience.

Why Get Certified?

Certification offers unique advantages and business opportunities for our partners to upskill their expertise and become better equipped to deliver low-code solutions that earn impressive results for their own clients. Here are a few of the benefits and lessons Acquia partners got by participating in the Acquia Site Studio certification program.

“Low-code platform solutions are increasingly popular and deliver dramatic results across all industries. Our clients absolutely benefit from the expertise of the several certified experts we have on our development team. Acquia Site Studio has a world-class admin experience, and its components are powerful and easy to use without requiring a lot of training or knowledge transfer which is great for everyone. But let’s not confuse “low code” with “no-code”; Site Studio can also support modular reuse of configuration and content, within a site and between sites. A Site Studio-trained expert will be able to use the platform far beyond simple or single-use cases.” 

-Martin Anderson-Clutz, Site Studio Site Builder at Digital Echidna.

“Site Studio is all about momentum. Over time, you can gain speed and create layouts and components quickly because you already have the basics in place. By the end of the program, you are standing on the shoulders of all the work you put in to create a consistent and well-established brand. Layouts and re-usable components make the pages come together quickly. Using the Layout Canvas, you are able to create an outstanding page building experience for content editors. Acquia Site Studio’s ability to craft the editing experience is really well done and something we have struggled to provide to deliver a great content editing experience for those in Drupal every day creating content. It's impressive and can make a significant positive impact for the workflow and site building of content editor,”

-Andrew Olson, Lead Front-End Developer at Bounteous

The program has been designed to methodically take businesses through the key features and use cases, making sure nothing critical is missed out. If your aim is to build sites as efficiently as possible then going through this tried and tested program ensures that. Getting certified provides great for visibility to our community that your business is ready to meet their low-code requirements. The course also covers key learnings from dozens of Acquia Site Studio projects that our customers have already delivered, allowing you to learn the best approaches and the things to avoid without having to learn the hard way!


If you want to get hands-on with Acquia Site Studio we have a number of workshops coming up. EMEA Partners can register here to attend an upcoming virtual workshop and demonstration on June 30th.  Plus, check back soon for future workshops as well!   

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