How Quicken is Disrupting Digital with Magento and Drupal

Quicken, the leader in personal finance software, was looking for a new digital commerce platform with next generation content experience capabilities.

Their customers demanded increasingly engaging digital experiences, but they found traditional commerce platforms lacked the rich content management tools needed to meet these heightened expectations.

However, by pairing Drupal with Magento 2, Quicken combined two best-of-breed technologies that enabled them to fully control their customer’s journey, and quickly respond to changing market dynamics. With simple system integration and powerful content authoring capabilities, the Drupal / Magento implementation allowed Quicken to launch a compelling platform in record time.

In this webinar with Justin Emond - CEO & Founder, Third & Grove, Peter Sheldon - VP of Strategy, Magento Commerce and Laura Brooks - VP of Commerce, Acquia, you will learn more about how Quicken:

  • Easily manages over 7000 orders per hour, and several tens of thousands of site visits per hour
  • Performs platform responses in less than one second, even during peak traffic times (like Cyber Monday and tax season)
  • Realized a 66% cart conversion increase, and substantial revenue growth

Watch the recorded webinar