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Acquia Lightning

Acquia Lightning

Use this Drupal 8 starter kit to build and author digital experiences quickly and easily.

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Accelerate Drupal 8 Development Projects

  • Open source starter kit and framework helps developers tap into the richness of key D8 functionality and build sites and experiences faster
  • Speed up module selection and configuration process to enable rich digital experiences
  • Integrated enterprise authoring functionality lets developers work smarter and faster - not reinvent the wheel

Deliver the Right Tools for Experience Creation

  • Use Lightning to create great enterprise authoring experiences and empower editorial teams
  • Arm your experience-builders with intuitive, visual tools to simplify layout, media usage, workflow and previews
  • Standardise and simplify how business users leverage Drupal 8 to create and deliver digital experiences

Streamline Authoring for Business Users

  • Deliver drag and drop tools for builders to create flexible, responsive layouts and experiences
  • Make it simple to upload, embed and manage images, social media and other assets for engaging experiences
  • Support sophisticated workflows aligned with requirements and enable experience previews before publication

The Best Starter Kit for Drupal 8

Acquia Lightning provides a framework to accelerate the process of building and authoring experiences, for Drupal developers and business users, across digital channels.


Acquia Lightning Features

  • drupal-8

    Develop on D8 Faster, Better

    Build experiences quickly using the best of Drupal 8 in a feature-rich, tested, secure open source distribution.

  • features-dragdrop

    Drag and Drop Layouts

    Configure page layouts and digital experiences with drag and drop tools that anyone can use.

  • media-upload

    Media Management

    Embed images, videos, social media and more from Drupal or other sources into content and pages.

  • workflow

    Flexible Workflows

    Configure workflows that keep content moving through review and approval stages, easily.

  • preview

    Experience Preview

    See how content and experiences look to visitors before you publish.

  • power-users

    Empower Self-sufficient Content Authors

    Make it easy for non-technical users to manage content and experiences.

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