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Multiple sites, diverse companies, different technologies - one hub.

Introducing Acquia Content Hub: Take Control of Your Content Chaos

There is a massive content explosion happening today.

  • Newstex estimates that more content is created every day than was created from the start of recorded history to 2003.
  • According to Forrester, enterprises manage an average of 268 customer-facing websites and mobile applications.

Making the need greater than ever before to discover, repurpose, and share content everywhere.

  • Stale digital experiences, held back by outdated content
  • Lack of brand consistency in globally local enterprises
  • Regulated content costing too much and taking too much time to keep up to date
  • Timely and inefficient site deployments, lacking rich content

However, the ability to discover and share valuable content is limited.

  • Newstex estimates that big content comes with a big cost of $14K per worker last year alone, mainly time spent searching for content.
  • You re-create content because it's difficult to find what exists across your network of multiple sites, teams, departments, and technologies.

Acquia Content Hub can reduce content chaos in today's landscape


Discover content throughout your organization regardless of creation point.


Normalize content across systems and silos.


Automate and syndicate updates to keep content consistent and fresh.


Mitigate the risk of out of date content.


Speed time to market with new, content-rich sites.


Eliminate the costs and time associated with content duplication.

Content Hub Features

Content Repository

A content repository that aggregates and normalizes content and data from any enterprise content source or system.

Powerful Content Discovery

Powerful content discovery tools, including automatic updates and faceted search, to break down content silos and enable enterprise content managers to quickly find relevant content from across an organization.

Syndication and Subscription

Syndication and subscription updates from content authors to content consumers in near real time, respecting local changes and workflow rules.

Accessible Connectors

Connectors to enable content managers to access and publish content in their native workflow.

Technology Integration

Integration into existing technology footprint, with distinct content and presentation layers, enabling true creative freedom and speedy site deployments.

No industry is immune to content silos, but we believe with the right technology and tools in place, you can make it easier to share content among stakeholders and across channels. With Content Hub our customers can author, search, and share content, no matter the complexity of their business.

- Chris Stone, Chief Products Officer, Acquia