Take Off: Migration Made Easy with Acquia Flight Path

Take Off: Migration Made Easy with Acquia Flight Path - Grab this chance to get to know our most valuable migration tool.

As Drupal 7 nears the exit, there’s plenty of excitement about Drupal 9 - the secure, modern CMS designed to meet today’s high standards for digital experiences. But while we all welcome the benefits, some might not be looking forward to the migration process.

Fortunately, Acquia Flight Path is here. And it’s ready to make migration simple and streamlined for users and Partners alike.

In this webinar, we detail how Flight Path helps ensure an efficient, error-free migration process, explaining how it can maximise opportunities for Acquia, our customers, and our Partners.

By watching the session, you’ll learn:

  • Why Flight Path gives partners an important new reason to stay with Drupal
  • How Flight Path’s Acquia Migration: Accelerate report enables partners to ensure an efficient, error-free transition
  • How to access comprehensive training for Acquia Flight Path
  • How we’ll use Flight Path to empower partners, and help drive their success

Don’t miss this chance to learn how to make the move to Drupal 9 more appealing, more lucrative, and less work than ever before.

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Garry Levitt

Garry Levitt

Director EMEA Channel Sales Channel Sales Acquia