The Principles of Developing Successful Modern Web Apps

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An endless flow of new technologies and trends promises to deliver the silver bullet that will streamline development cycles and bring us closer to nirvana. Unfortunately, the constant search for new ways to solve problems tends to lead organizations and teams astray, resulting in frustration, burnout, and wasted resources.

The real secret, however, is not about the tool. It’s about the approach.

This webinar outlines the primary guidelines and patterns required for building modern web applications, including when and where to apply technologies involved in the process. Once you know how to properly view problems, you’ll learn how to apply Headless, Hybrid, and Low Code in the context of the proper mindset. The result is the ability to plan, build, and deliver successful applications that continue to improve and increase in value.

Three key takeaways:

  • Component-based design is the key mindset you need to understand
  • Everything old is new again: rather than chase every new innovation, follow proper process and continual improvement
  • The best tools combine flexibility, performance, and security in their core; “unitaskers” should generally be avoided

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