Improve Site Performance and Uptime: Site Monitoring Done Better with New Relic

What's Covered?

  • Understanding long load times
  • Monitoring site performance data
  • Getting visibility into components that can cause slowness
Additional Info

We know that site performance and uptime are critical to our customers. New Relic Digital Experience Monitoring helps our customers answer critical questions about their applications. Some of the ways that Acquia can help solve and prevent issues are: alerts when a site is running slow or is down, understanding long load times, seeing performance data and much more.

Acquia includes a New Relic APM Pro subscription with every ACSF, Cloud Platform Enterprise and Cloud Platform Professional subscription. Application Performance Monitoring (APM) offers visibility into key components of an application that can cause slowness.

Watch this webinar to learn how adding New Relic Digital Experience Monitoring offerings to your APM Pro subscription with Acquia can enhance your business outcomes.

You’ll learn about:

  • Synthetics Pro: Automated, scriptable tools to monitor your websites, critical business transactions, and API endpoints

  • Browser Pro: Real User Monitoring (RUM) solution that measures the speed and performance of end users as they navigate to a site from different web browsers, devices, operating systems, and networks

  • Extended retention for Custom Events: Default retention for custom events is 1 day. We can offer customers extended retention if they rely on custom events for monitoring

  • Mobile Enterprise: Deeper visibility into Android and iOS application performance and troubleshoot crashes