Customer Experience (CX): 3 Key Factors Shaping CX Redesign in 2021

In the era of the experience economy, the combination of technology, talent and touchpoints are key success factors in building sustainable relationships, optimising time to value and facilitating the dialogue between the customer and the brand.

In times of change, organisations are providing advice in challenging situations, guiding information search and facilitating important decisions for individual customers at the same time as they are adopting new ways of working in a dynamic business environment. 

Acquia is collaborating with numerous companies globally around customer digital experience and we are here to support with advice, inspiration and open dialogue. 

Join our Digital Customer Experience webinar series, where we focus on today’s relevant topics and discuss the role and importance of digital customer experience in an ever-changing world to:

Hear about timely topics, survey findings for Australia and Singapore in the domain of customer experience

  • Get advice on where to turn for support and answers to your questions
  • Discuss with CX experts on best practices, challenges and solutions
  • Key trends overview - why are they relevant to your business?
  • Brief on content to be covered in each subsequent webinar

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