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Highlighted Features

Powerful, flexible AI

Acquia AgilOne has been built from the ground up to help customers utilize machine learning models that make the most sense for their business. Acquia AgilOne offers XML configuration and pipeline configuration for custom ML model support.

Profile Unification

Powerful automated capabilities for unifying, matching and deduplicating customers based on highly granular data attributes. Bi-directional data transformation helps perform data cleansing, deduping, stitching, and enhancing of customer profiles from diverse channels.

Automated Segmentation

Machine Learning-assisted rule creation to group customers into business-driven categories (i.e. Deal Seekers, High-Value Consumers, New Visitors, etc.)

Robust Data Collection

Data collected from disparate sources can be aggregated and stored in a usable format that ensures complete, accurate and consistent views of the customer.

Direct access to data

Technical users can directly query Acquia AgilOne’s master customer record through an Interactive Queries UI that easily toggles between Acquia AgilOne applications, to give rapid, deep, interactive insights.

Data sharing across systems

Share Acquia AgilOne’s master customer record with external BI and analytical systems, so that the entire company can operate on the same data set and gain insights in ways that are important across the business.

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Gain a single view of the customer

Acquia AgilOne’s powerful Identity Resolution Engine cleanses, dedupes, stitches, and enriches data from all sources, in order to create a "golden" customer record used for analysis and campaigns. This unified customer record can then be accessed via a UI or API to feed into external systems. Your marketing teams never again have to wonder where a customer came from, or what they've interacted with, or what drives them to engage with your brand.

Reveal customer insights

With Acquia AgilOne, you can gain key insights through fully configurable, out-of-the-box visual dashboards and reports. Custom reports are easily constructed to dive deep into the data that drives your business. Direct data query access is readily available for analysts to dive even deeper with custom queries from any report. Data sharing capabilities support external BI tools, so everyone in your organization can share in the understanding of your audiences.

Acquia Reveal Customer Insights
Acquia AgilOne Activate Channels

Activate data across engagement channels

With Acquia AgilOne, you can orchestrate messages and offers in real-time across all communications channels. Outbound marketing channels such as email, SMS/push, and direct mail can easily coordinate messages and offers to traditional addressable media systems, including display, search, and video advertising. This ease of coordination easily extends to customer experience systems, including website personalization engines, clienteling apps, and customer service and support systems.

Use machine learning to generate insights at scale

Acquia AgilOne provides a robust machine learning engine that enables marketers to segment to the individual level at any scale of audience. Machine learning includes supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and collaborative filtering algorithms. Machine learning is configurable through metadata for supporting custom and out-of-the-box models such as likelihood to buy, likelihood to engage, next best offer, behavioral clustering, and more.

Acquia AgilOne Machine Learning

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