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The Importance of Bringing Content and Context Together

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step” - Lau Tzu
Building a platform and strategy that will take your digital experiences into the next 5 years means stepping into uncharted territories. No one knows the devices or channels that will be most popular in the future. With the pace of technology growth, predicting what you’ll need or what will be the preferred device in even a few years is incredibly difficult. While today you may be thinking about mobile applications and websites, a few years from now augmented and virtual reality could be your largest growth potential.... Plus

Increase your conversion rates with form optimization

Does your business rely on form fills (leads) to keep sales teams employed? Is your marketing team tracked on the number of MQLs (marketing qualified leads) they pass over to sales? This is the nature of the B2B beast in most cases. There is, however, some conversation happening around the idea of removing forms and not gating any content, and instead delivering a product experience that will push better qualified leads to your sales team. My friend, Tom Wentworth, has a good... Plus

Developer Relations: Getting into GitHub

If you’ve ever worked with developers , you’ve probably heard of GitHub. As defined in the the Acquia eBook “GitHub 101 for Government”: “GitHub is a user-friendly website that helps people and organizations share code and collaborate on projects, like a social network oriented around code. The site’s main feature is hosted Git code repositories, like a “track changes” feature for software projects.”
GitHub was founded in 2008 and has since grown to over 14... Plus

Creating the Connected Customer Journey

The scale, complexity and diversity involved in managing all the channels and touchpoints belonging to a single organisation is mushrooming. In 2015, the Delivery Experience (DX) survey from Forrester[1] found that companies of enterprise-size now manage an average of 268 customer-facing websites each. And that number doesn’t take into account other engagement channels like apps, social media platforms, chatbots and the more traditional interaction points such as email,... Plus

How to Effectively Incorporate Images Into Your Web Content

Are you more likely to click into a blog post that has images or no images? The use of images -- photos, diagrams, drawings, gifs, Vines, etc, -- has really grown over the past few years with enhancements to social media such as Facebook’s timeline update to incorporate more images and Pinterest being one of the top 3 social media sites. We are very visually motivated and cliches about pictures being worth a thousand words now being out of the way, there’s research proving the right image can make a piece of content... Plus

D8 Module Recap: Workbench Moderation, Rules and Inline Entity Form

Summer is in full swing but that doesn’t mean that Drupal 8 has slowed down. Currently there are more than 100,000 sites that have been deployed on Drupal 8! We’ve continued to document the process as modules continue to be migrated over from Drupal 7 on the Acquia Developer Center blog. This week we’re looking at Workbench Moderation, Rules, and... Plus

Acquia Engage 2016 — What to Expect

You may have heard rumblings before now, or excited, anticipatory mentions of Acquia Engage 2016, but I’m super excited to officially introduce you to this year’s event, and invite you to join us in November for what promises to be the best Engage ever.
Now in it’s third year, Engage 2016 will bring more of what you’ve come to expect in the past two years — outstanding speakers, engaging sessions, a product roadmap, ample networking opportunities — but we’ll also be introducing two new talk tracks that we think you’ll love. Those... Plus

City of Boston launches on Drupal

Yesterday the City of Boston launched its new website,, on Drupal. Not only is Boston a city well-known around the world, it has also become my home over the past 9 years. That makes it extra exciting to see the city of Boston use Drupal.

As a company headquartered in Boston, I'm also extremely proud to have Acquia involved with The site is hosted on Acquia Cloud, and Acquia led a lot of the architecture, development and coordination. I remember pitching the project in the basement of Boston's City Hall, so seeing the site launched... Plus

The Global Campaign Challenge for Digital Marketers

How should digital marketers approach the creation and management of an international portfolio of digital assets and campaigns? It’s a question that we’re increasingly asked here at Acquia. I have previously written about this from a multi-deployment standpoint, but I thought it would be interesting to ask Ian Truscott, Channel Director at MRM Meteorite, for some advice as to how digital agencies and their clients can ensure consistent brand control and... Plus

What are ad blockers, and why are they hurting your business?

Everyday I see the impact ad blockers have on our business, because they are blocking more than just ads. Ad blockers are one of the most downloaded browser utilities and smartphone applications, and the source of great debate among privacy advocates, publishers, and consumers.
For a site builder or manager like myself, the more important and less-talked about issue of ad blockers is they can block non-advertising related content. The fact this is even happening might go unnoticed, which could be why it isn’t talked about very much. While doing my research for this post, all I could find... Plus

Acquia Partner Profile: miggle

At Acquia, our partners are an incredible part of our success. In this series, we’ll be profiling some of our premier partners, showcasing who they are and what they do, in their own words.
We spoke with Alick Mighall, Managing Director at miggle. “As a small-ish specialist development agency, my role encompasses product, project and account management, HR, finance, business development and sales. I don’t do any development myself, but I like being able to support my... Plus

Developer Relations: Social Media

Marketers use social media very differently than developers do. Marketers use social channels from Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn to promote and engage and build awareness. Developers? Well while , social media is just as important if not more so to developers, it’s not all memes and rants; but a practical and strong source of information.
I spoke to with Kris Vanderwater, Technical Consultant at Acquia and Tim Plunkett, Senior Engineer also at Acquia about... Plus

Mobile Optimization - SEO and layout best practices

Mobile traffic is crucial to any digital strategy. SimilarWeb's State of Mobile Web US 2015 report states that 56% of all traffic to websites is mobile traffic. At Acquia, we saw our own mobile traffic grow by 17% from 2014 to 2015. But things really got interesting in the past twelve months. The first half of this year saw our mobile traffic expand by 50% alone. So yes, we really care about the mobile experience on our site. Where do you start to make sure... Plus

Developer Relations: The Developer’s Voice

Editor’s note: This week’s developer relations post focuses on the history of developer relations via Acquia’s own VP of Corporate Communications (and living, breathing Wikipedia), David Churbuck.
My first encounter with Silicon Valley happened in the mid-1980s as a very green reporter for PC Week. I was sent west from Boston on a tour of the Valley’s top local area networking companies to get a crash course in LAN architectures. A lot of the companies I visited are long gone -- Corvus, 3Com, Novell, Ungermann-Bass -- but by the mid-point of the tour I had learned one very important lesson:... Plus

How to integrate Drupal & Marketo

At some point in a B2B company’s digital marketing strategy, they will need to consider a Marketing Automation Platform, of which there are several top players — such as Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Pardot,... Plus