What is a DXP?

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) provides the architectural foundation and modular services for developers, marketers and practitioners to create, orchestrate, and optimize digital journeys at scale

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DXP Done Right

Content and Data form the foundation of digital experiences. Acquia’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) combines both in an open, flexible platform that helps customers accelerate their digital transformation. This empowers you to build for the future with a platform that will scale and grow as needs evolve and markets change.

"A digital experience platform (DXP) is an integrated set of core technologies that support the composition, management, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences. DXPs place a high degree of emphasis on interoperability and cross-channel continuity across the entire customer journey.

The purpose of a DXP is to be the central technological foundation for the digital customer experience aspect of a digital business."

Defining the Digital Experience Platform, 2020

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Your Experience Infrastructure

As enterprises rethink their digital stacks from end to end to run, operate, compete and differentiate in the digital-first world, they must put in place a new, flexible digital architecture that will scale with them for the future. An architecture that enables digital-first enterprises to flourish, with modular services to quickly develop and roll out new types of applications and experiences reliably & securely to engage customers and help them achieve their goals. 

Content & Data at the Heart of DXP

The foundations of a DXP are content and data, because: 

  • Content is guiding the customer on their journey. Content is 70% of digital marketing spend. It's the lifeblood of experiences and the customer journey.
  • Data is what guides content and experience to deliver at any moment. What content to product, what content to surface, at what time, to whom.
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Machine Learning to Scale

Around content and data, DXPs need machine learning to scale delivering content, experiences and one to one journeys without having a million human beings doing manual work. AI and ML scale how you mobilize content and data to deliver those one to one experiences.

Acquia Open DXP

A next generational architectural foundation that enables organizations to build a set of modular services, and quickly and rapidly mobilize those services into new applications and experiences to help orchestrate and optimize a customer journey

We've placed content and data at the core of Acquia DXP, enveloped by machine learning and execution. With an intelligent and robust backbone that can drive insight and democratize content and data across the organization and orchestrate experiences everywhere, coupled with a world class experience atop we empower composable enterprises to flourish by onboarding the components and services needed today and for the future, all powered and presented by Acquia DXP.

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Acquia's Digital Experience Platform

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Acquia leverages a vast open-source community to power the web content management capability of Drupal, a core piece of Acquia's DXP.

Gartner DXP Magic Quadrant

Two Clouds. One Unified Digital Experience.

Drupal Cloud for sites, Marketing Cloud for reach—build a more engaging customer experience across all touchpoints, combining both solutions to help you make 1-to-1 connections with your consumer. Uniquely powered by Drupal and Acquia CDP.

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Cloud Platform

Build, launch, and manage secure Drupal experiences at scale.

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Site Factory

Build, govern and run a portfolio of websites and digital.

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Site Studio

The low-code way to design, build, and enhance your site.

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Acquia CDP

Unify your data. And your customer profile.

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Campaign Studio

Be there for every stage of the customer journey.

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Campaign Factory

Scale meets ease of use.

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The foundation for a 1-to-1 experience.