Celebrate #GAAD2024 With Acquia

2024年5月16日はGlobal Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)です!5月中、デジタルアクセシビリティにスポットライトを当てています。

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アクイアの #GAAD2024 へ向けた活動に参加しましょう






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Emoji that is using sign language to say "Thanks"

Acquia Social: 31 Days of Accessibility


1 Billion

People across the world live with a disability


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Angles on Accessibility: Tried, True, and New

Meryl Evans, a digital accessibility and inclusion pioneer, speaks about educating organizations on the importance of these topics. Started by her own accessibility journey, she’s gone on to speak on the TED stage, at SXSW, and be quoted across The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and as one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices. 

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An Accessible Vision With Cyber-Duck

Centered around digital transformation and user-centered design, Cyber-Duck's end-game is building a truly inclusive web that's accessible by all users. Diversity and Accessibility Lead, Yahye Siyad, shares how they’re making accessible digital experiences easier to create.

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ADA Zoom Backgrounds

Ditch the backdrop blur and champion Accessibility Awareness Month in your Zoom meetings with some fresh backgrounds.

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