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Why Acquia's CMS?

Digital content is the primary way to build customer relationships in a "device first" world. Adopting an Acquia CMS, powered by Drupal, will help you deploy content wherever your customers are spending time.

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Acquia CMS

The Value of a Modern CMS

Eliminate the pain points you experience when running an outdated CMS.

Launch New Content faster

Low-code tools are critical for moving fast. They empower non-technical users to create new content and launch webpages.

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Deploy Content on all Digital Channels

The ability to launch digital content, wherever your customers spend time is critical. Today your customers spend time on their mobile apps, tomorrow it may be with a conversational interface (hello, Alexa).

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Ensure Governance for Your Content

With more content on your website and other digital channels, workflows and approvals are needed for organizations of all sizes.

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Features of an Agile CMS

The key capabilities in an Agile CMS span the needs of developers, IT leaders, Marketers and InfoSec leaders.

Ease of use
Migration tools for easy adoption from current CMS
Out of the box functionality including default content model, responsive design and workflows
Library of components, site templates and pre-built integrations
Intuitive page builder with visual interface and real-time preview
Master design system with cascading elements
Style guide manager for updating design on various pages
Platform specific IDE for rapid development and deployment of new components
Flexible Architecture
The option to deploy a decoupled, coupled or hybrid CMS
Centralized content repository to deliver multi-channel content
Library of modules that connect your content to various technology systems like CRM or call center systems.
Reuse of content to quickly assemble and deploy content on multiple websites, portals and employee applications
Scale and Governance
Centralized management console to view all content, govern applications and appropriately assign team members access
The ability to quickly adopt the system through on-demand learning, a vast customer community, a formal certification program and a library of searchable content.
Automated updates for your portfolio of sites and applications with 24X7X365 specialized support and guaranteed uptimes
The ability to localize content, view revision history and collaborate with key team members in various markets
A vast number of global centers and a content distribution network that ensures your content is secure and fast
Governance including audit trails, tiered permissions, role based permissions, application and departmental permissions.
A master design system for enforcing brand standards while allowing for creative freedom where it's needed
Secure and automated code deployment of new features for all sites and applications
The ability to connect content to various personalization engines, customer data platforms and digital asset management solutions
A vast library of modules for interoperability with existing technology and new technology you may want to use in the future
Deep connectivity and co-development with adjacent technology including commerce, advanced search and more
Offered as a service including HIPPA, FEDRAMP, SOC1&2 and other key certifications
DDoS Mitigation to prevent content against cybersecurity attacks
Bot Management to mitigate risk with an ever evolving security threatt
Proactive patches and code monitoring to address concerns before they impact the uptime of content