Digital Experience Management

Created to help you engage with customers on a multitude of devices and digital channels. 

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Man on a computer
Man on a computer
Man on a computer
Why Invest

Benefits of a Digital Experience Management Platform

MultiChannel Journey Illustration
Multichannel Journeys

Connect with customers on any digital channel -  your website, a mobile application, Alexa and more.

Customized Experiences
Customized Experiences

Improve conversion rates by assembling a digital experience that's unique to each customer.

ROI Illustration
Return on Investment

Reduce costs and improve time to market when delivering a plethora of digital experiences

key use cases

Key Use Cases


Build Digital-First Relationships
Launch new content to support the buyers who conduct the majority of their research online

Understand Your Customers
Consolidate data and action it for personalized customer experiences

Seamless Management for Perfect Delivery
Utilize the content and data as the foundation for every digital experience - website, employee experience, commerce experience and more.

Features You Need
Flexible Architecture
Library of modules that can be utilized to assemble digital experiences
Creation of customer, employee and channel applications through a common framework
Multi-channel campaign and content delivery across all applications
Centralized console to view, manage and update all sites and applications
Workflows and approvals to ensure the digital experiences that get pushed live are compliant
Master design system to enforce brand consistency across all digital experiences
Data privacy and encryption including GDPR compliance
DDoS mitigation, Bot management, authentication controls, firewall controls, and more built into the platform
Certifications including FEDRAMP, GDRP, HIPPA, PCI, SOC1, and SOC2
Agile Content
Delivery of content to any channel including the web, mobile, digital signage, etc.
Visual page builder to create or update new content
Integration with key systems that need to connect to your content like CRM. CDP and DAM systems
Actionable Data
Provides a unified customer view and single source of truth
Empowers all teams to access data and drive better business decisions
Improves engagement through out of the box, clusters and recommended Machine Learning models
Integrations and Extensions
Built on top of a vibrant, open-source technology framework
Tens of thousands of pre-built modules to quickly connect with other key systems
Worldwide community of diverse talent to help drive innovation
Marketplace to quickly validate and access the modules you need
Agile Content
Digital asset management to simplify how content is created, organized, and delivered
Integration with key systems that need to connect to your content like CRM, CDP and DAM systems
Digital Experience Management at Acquia

Why an Open Digital Experience Management Platform

Acquia's solution is unique. It's built on top of one of the largest open-source communities in the world, Drupal. We provide set of components that can quickly be assembled for any type of digital experience. Providing unmatched flexibility and speed, it's the most effective way to build relationships with your customers.


Democratize DX

Low code tools provide unmatched ease of use. Allowing anyone within your team to assemble digital experiences.

Composable to the Core

Open-source roots mean your platform can easily be extended. With 45,000 modules available at your fingertips, it's easy to innovate.

Unparalleled Security

Security and governance can't be overlooked. Our platform offers detailed roles and permissions as well as security certifications, like FedRamp, built into the offering.