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Security and Compliance

It’s more than security and compliance standards; it’s revenue and brand protection. Building and maintaining a secure and compliant platform takes time, stalling innovation. Maintaining the integrity of a digital experience is one of the most important aspects of an Enterprise Architects role. Finding a secure platform that provides the compliance standards your organization needs is a top priority. Acquia offers a platform which meets advanced security needs and a variety of compliance standards for any industry.

Key Benefits

Acquia security provides threat protection for a variety of threats so your data and content are secure.  Acquia’s wide variety of compliance offerings ensures customers can meet industry standards to ensure their data and content is compliant to the specific industry.

Secure your Digital Experiences

With security for your data and content, you can feel confident that your experiences will not go down due to threats. Security for all of your digital experiences means you can have the confidence knowing you are protected.

Meet Compliance Standards

When it comes to industry compliance, it is not optional to meet industry standards. Acquia provides a large variety of compliance standards for your digital experiences to ensure your organization can meet industry standards.

Key Use Cases



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Meet Compliance Standards

Compliance standards are set by industry and failure to prove compliance with these standards can cost an organization thousands in fines. Meeting compliance standards in any industry is not optional and customer data security is more important than ever before.


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Meet Customer Data Privacy Laws

Security for digital experiences is important to keep your content and customer data protected from a wide range of threats. There are more threats and customer data privacy laws than ever before and it is important to stay up to date with your security.

Features You Need
Web Application Firewall
IP Reputation & Firewall
Custom SSL Certifications
DDos Protection
Firewall Logs
Global Anycast Network with 200+ PoPs
Content Caching
Mobile Optimization
Edge Request Logs
Cache Analytics
Automated Drupal Updates (Remote Administration)
Supports the most recent version of Internet Protocol, IPv6
Access servers securely with SSH access
Scan all file uploads by leveraging ClamAV module
Decrease illegitimate traffic with GeoIP
Establish secure connections with custom SSl certificates
Improve LAMP security with Apache mod_proxy support
Built in security and performance optimization with Acquia Insight
Unified, timely and automated site updates to maintain security and compliance adherence across applications
Specify application access by IP in the Acquia Cloud UI with IP Whitelisting
Highest possible score (5) for security and compliance in Forrester WCM Wave (2019)
All Acquia Cloud Security controls are assessed by a 3rd party authorizer once a year. This includes: Malicious user testing, Insider threat assessments, Spearphishing exercise
3rd party penetration test every 6 months
In-depth monitoring of systems security performed on a continuous basis
Quarterly Acquia-led assessments of continuous monitoring activities
Monthly server and web application vulnerability scanning
Monthly operating system scans
Monthly database and web application scans
Three dedicated security teams
Security Awareness training required for all Acquia employees
All Acquia operations, support, engineering, and security personnel are trained on Acquia Cloud Specific platform security
Designated Incident Response Manager
Compliance Standards: FedRAMP, HIPPA, PCI, FERPA, SOC 1, SOC 2, SSH Access, ISO 27001,GDPR
Ensure users are authenticated using your organization's security policies with Enterprise SSO
Centralized view of logs with Log Forwarding
Real-time log streaming for visibility
Assign and manage roles and credentials in the Acquia Cloud UI
Enhanced security with multi-factor authentication
Distributed marketing
Multi-tenant hosting that allows a master framework to oversee downstream instances.
Distributed data
Multi-tenant ability to manage multiple input and output streams of data, keep them encased in each child instance, and glean learnings from the parent instance at a macro level.
Distributed site management
Ability to manage thousands of brand sites under one umbrella to centralize IT services, security, and governance best practices.
Distributed content editing
Automate and manage multiple content editing workflows with the ability for site builders, content creators, marketers and operators to edit and maintain the content live on a site.