Acquia Cohesion Hero

The ONLY web-based IDE for Drupal development.

Optimized for Drupal

Best in class visual code editor and integrated development environment with Composer, Drush, Xdebug, code quality tools and Git support.

Integrated with Acquia Cloud

One-click lightning fast synchronization from Acquia Cloud environments. Make code changes and deploy seamlessly.

Secure by design

IDEs run on the secure Acquia Cloud platform. Grant and revoke access in the blink of an eye. User data is automatically sanitized.

Repeatable environments

No more configuration hurdles and environment disparity. No more corporate firewalls or networking issues in the way. Stay productive at all times.

Real-time web view

Perform code changes and view results immediately. Debug your application effortlessly with Xdebug preconfigured.

Acquia CLI

Everything you can expect from a command-line interface. Full integration with Acquia Cloud API and its 200+ API endpoints.

How Cloud IDE stacks up against old-school local development environments.


Local env + IDE Acquia Cloud IDE
Time required to be productive A few hours to several weeks 5-15mn
Optimized Drupal environment Manual
Optimized AWS networking X
Dedicated hardware per IDE X
Firewall exceptions Manual Not Needed
Non-admin access sufficient X
Low bandwidth requirements X


Local env + IDE Acquia Cloud IDE
Source code editor & IDE
Git / Git UI integration
PHP Code Sniffer Manual
Composer / Composer 2 Manual
Drush Launcher Manual
Preconfigured Xdebug Manual
Node.js / NPM / NVM Manual
Ruby / RVM Manual
Preconfigured Chromedriver Manual
Built-in site preview & terminal
Preinstalled Drupal Plugins


Local env + IDE Acquia Cloud IDE
Environment isolation Manual
Role-based access X
Automated user data sanitization X
Single sign-on X


Local env + IDE Acquia Cloud IDE
Code, database and files synchronization Manual
Prod-matched PHP configuration X
Customizable PHP & MySQL
Acquia CLI Manual
Preconfigured Drupal best practices Manual
Auto-configured database connection Manual
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