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360 Customer Profile

For many companies, the 360 profile is an elusive mirage that is impossible to attain. It takes a robust customer data platform to make it a reality. The best customer data platforms make a 360 profile available to all teams, in a way that is understandable and actionable.

A 360 profile is the tangible result of a robust identity resolution process and continuously updated persistent customer profile. The golden customer record that results needs to be made available to customer engagement systems as well as to the people who need to access the data, as both a UI and API.

Why Does a 360 Profile Matter?

Key Benefits


Give teams the information they need, at their fingertips. Call center agents, store associates, customer service representatives, and QA data analysts all need to easily access, examine, and leverage data from individual customer profiles.



Many so-called “profiles” only contain pieces of customer information. A true 360 profile needs to aggregate and intelligently surface meaningful insights at the customer level, including their transactional history, profile data, and all event information, unified with machine learning driven intelligence and insights. 

Built on Truth

A 360 profile is only as good as the identity resolution engine acting behind the scenes. By cleansing, deduping, stitching, and enriching data from all profile, transaction, and event data from all online and offline systems, and enriching the profile with machine learning, the 360 profile accurately reveals truth at the individual customer, and aggregate audience, level.


Key Use Cases


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Call Center

Call center agents can pull up the 360 profile while on calls to upsell customers and close customers faster



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Store, brand, and local office associates can pull up the 360 profile on a clienteling app to personalize the in-person customer experience


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Customers can view their privacy preferences aggregated from all data source systems, which helps brands comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations



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IT teams can test new data feeds, new analysis, and new data models against real-world customers via the 360 profile

Key Features
Data Quality and Identity Resolution
Standardization & validation of physical residence
Street, email addresses, phone numbers, and other physical attributes are ingested into the CDP
Gain insight to behavior of customers in the same household by calculating household level statistics (household spend, last purchase date, lifetime number of purchases)
Moving flag
Flag in the data for when customer moves
Built-in identity resolution
Comprehensive identity resolution is applied for all data ingested into the CDP, updated in real-time and daily depending on data source
Real-time identity resolution
API-based data connectors ingest data into the 360 Profile in real-time; is available for campaign activation in real-time
Data cleansing
Merge duplicate profiles into a single view by mapping commonalities in profiles
Daily identity resolution
While many sources are updated in the CDP in real-time; others are updated at least daily
Support for data inconsistencies
Identity resolution corrects for mismatched names, upper/lower case format, syntax corrections etc.
Gender identification
Correctly identify the gender of the customer
Advanced unification methods
Probabilistic matching, fuzzy matching and distance measures
Probabilistic and fuzzy matching
Intelligent ML algorithms analyze customer activities across channels to a unified customer profile even if there is only a partial name, address, or email match and then automatically unify those profiles together
Record deduplication
Deduplicate matching records, streamlining customer profiles into a single ID
Non-latin characters
Support for non-Latin languages
Cross-brand reconciliation
Evaluates customer behavior across multiple brands and unifies them into single profile
Elastically searchable
Non-technical personas can easily search the 360 profile
Cookie backstitching
Create a profile for customers upon identification; backstitch profile with anonymous data
Non-destructive deduping
Maintain all raw records that are stitched together, allowing for a view of all ingested profiles
Accurate customer LTV
Correctly ascertain customer lifetime value based on the comprehensive journey and all data points of a customer
Reduction in total raw records
With accurate deduping, reduce customer database size by 25% - 50%; dramatically increase accuracy of personalized campaigns and attribution analysis
View of customer journey
Every interaction is tracked and logged into a customer “journey” view to understand which actions and oers compel customers to convert
Configurable rules
Create custom rules and configure existing attributes
Profile UI
Customer profile Available via API or UI in real-time from database that is elastically searchable and updated in real time
Profile API
Anyone across the organization can access the most up to date customer information in the manner of their choosing; connect 360 data via API to customer service and clienteling apps
Full master/child record view
CDP maintains all raw customers records to show you all the places that information exists in your martech environment (ESP, POS system, ecomm platform, loyalty system) so you can be compliant and correctly delete all instances
Credit card hashing
Enable searching for matching credit card numbers from profiles and transactions and automatically stitches profiles together
Postal updates including in standardization
Identify customers no matter if they move by incorporating data from NCOA, DPV, CASS, etc.
Customer Data Management
Unique customer IDs
Automatically assign unique identifier to each consumer throughout the consumer's lifetime
Same database for analytics and campaign segmentation
Analytics and campaign segmentation is drawn from the same persistent data set. This includes householding data (physical and street address, etc.).
Management of customer and prospect data
Segregation and management of customer and prospect populations at the individual level
Limitless attributes
No limits on attributes stored per customer, product, etc.
Agile attribute management
New attributes are easily created and calculated from existing data
Automatic incorporation of post-purchase data
Data such as returned orders, in store pick-up, and in-store returns are incorporated into the unified dataset
Coupon management and support
Promotions, coupons, multiple coupons per order, and coupons specific to an individual customer and item are supported and incorporated into the unified dataset
Alignment with internal reporting systems
Revenue/margin calculations are continuously in sync with client’s internal reporting systems
Architecture flexibility
CDP architecture easily adapts to new data, changes in data feeds, so that new attributes are easily added to the CDP
Geographical nuance and flexibility
CDP creates customer level geographical and preferred store locations such as geographically closest stores and the store most shopped at most
Unlimited data types
No restrictions on data types or sources
Customer geographical preference
CDP enables store customer contact preference including contact by SMS, email opt in, direct mail opt in, voice mail opt in
360 customer view
CDP creates a 360 view of the customer from online, offline, and behavioral data
Ingestion of anonymous data
Ingest anonymous data and backstitch to identified customers; OOTB integration with onboarding and data activation providers.
Support of unstructured data
Unstructured data such as product reviews, call center comments, etc., is incorporated into the CDP
Cookie data storage
First party cookie data from owned websites, etc., is stored in the CDP
360 Profile at Acquia

Why Acquia CDP's 360 Profile?

While a 360 Profile can seem out of reach, a CDP can make a 360 Profile achievable and applicable in more use cases and for more teams than most companies realize. Surfaced in a UI that any team can access, and as an API that can connect to clienteling, customer service, and other customer engagement systems, a 360 profile has never been more achievable. 


Acquia CDP provides an accurate and comprehensive 360 Profile that all teams can use.

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Identity Resolution

Acquia CDP’s identity resolution engine ensures that you are delivering experiences based off an accurate and comprehensive 360 profile

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360 Profile

Acquia CDP provides a 360 profile built on a unified and persistent customer database, stored in the cloud.

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