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Snowflake Data Sharing

Acquia CDP gives data science and analytics teams the power of rich CDP data, both directly and also shared with your team’s preferred BI systems through Snowflake Data Sharing. Interrogate data for deep insights, and build your own machine learning models on unified, cleansed, deduped data. 

This capability helps data analysts and BI professionals leverage unified, trusted data from a CDP for your use cases. Data is consistently up-to-date, clean, and available--without a complicated ETL process. 

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Key Benefits

Remove Barriers

Eliminate the cost, headache, and delays associated with legacy data sharing methods

Get Data Rich

Gain accurate, deep business insights based on rich, up-to-date CDP data

Gain More Insights

Build more impactful and accurate custom machine learning models

Key Use Cases


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External Data

Analyze CDP data alongside non-CDP data -- bringing external data into your Snowflake account to query against AgilOne’s CDP data will help you understand the state of your data better


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Internal tools

Leverage your own BI and analytics tools on CDP data by analyzing data through a broad array of BI tools, advanced analytics platforms, programmatic interfaces and SQL editors


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Build your own machine learning models on top of cleansed, deduped and processed data, and feed these models back into Acquia CDP


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Instant Response 

Get the answers you need immediately by querying data with lightning fast response time

Key Features
Data Quality and Identity Resolution
Standardization & validation of physical residence
Street, email addresses, phone numbers, and other physical attributes are ingested into the CDP
Gain insight to behavior of customers in the same household by calculating household level statistics (household spend, last purchase date, lifetime number of purchases)
Moving flag
Flag in the data for when customer moves
Built-in identity resolution
Comprehensive identity resolution is applied for all data ingested into the CDP, updated in real-time and daily depending on data source
Real-time identity resolution
API-based data connectors ingest data into the 360 Profile in real-time; is available for campaign activation in real-time
Data cleansing
Merge duplicate profiles into a single view by mapping commonalities in profiles
Daily identity resolution
While many sources are updated in the CDP in real-time; others are updated at least daily
Support for data inconsistencies
Identity resolution corrects for mismatched names, upper/lower case format, syntax corrections etc.
Gender identification
Correctly identify the gender of the customer
Advanced unification methods
Probabilistic matching, fuzzy matching and distance measures
Probabilistic and fuzzy matching
Intelligent ML algorithms analyze customer activities across channels to a unified customer profile even if there is only a partial name, address, or email match and then automatically unify those profiles together
Record deduplication
Deduplicate matching records, streamlining customer profiles into a single ID
Non-latin characters
Support for non-Latin languages
Cross-brand reconciliation
Evaluates customer behavior across multiple brands and unifies them into single profile
Elastically searchable
Non-technical personas can easily search the 360 profile
Cookie backstitching
Create a profile for customers upon identification; backstitch profile with anonymous data
Non-destructive deduping
Maintain all raw records that are stitched together, allowing for a view of all ingested profiles
Accurate customer LTV
Correctly ascertain customer lifetime value based on the comprehensive journey and all data points of a customer
Reduction in total raw records
With accurate deduping, reduce customer database size by 25% - 50%; dramatically increase accuracy of personalized campaigns and attribution analysis
View of customer journey
Every interaction is tracked and logged into a customer “journey” view to understand which actions and oers compel customers to convert
Configurable rules
Create custom rules and configure existing attributes
Profile UI
Customer profile Available via API or UI in real-time from database that is elastically searchable and updated in real time
Profile API
Anyone across the organization can access the most up to date customer information in the manner of their choosing; connect 360 data via API to customer service and clienteling apps
Full master/child record view
CDP maintains all raw customers records to show you all the places that information exists in your martech environment (ESP, POS system, ecomm platform, loyalty system) so you can be compliant and correctly delete all instances
Credit card hashing
Enable searching for matching credit card numbers from profiles and transactions and automatically stitches profiles together
Postal updates including in standardization
Identify customers no matter if they move by incorporating data from NCOA, DPV, CASS, etc.
Share Quality CDP Data
Real-time updates
API-based data ingestion is updated into the persistent profile in real-time
Daily updates
Data is available immediately with no data transformation, loading, movement, or reconstruction required.
Data updates via Snowflake data sharing
Continuously updated data from Acquia CDP’s instance of Snowflake into your own instance of Snowflake
ETL process
Eliminate the cost, headache, and delays associated with legacy data sharing methods
Query Speed
Lightning-fast query results with no delays or latency
Machine Learning
Accurate custom models
Build custom models on top of cleansed, deduped CDP data
Feed custom models into the CDP
Feed custom models into Acquia CDP automatically, so they are available for analytics and campaigns
Snowflake Data Sharing at Acquia

Why Snowflake Data Sharing?

Many brands export and connect data from one system to another, or even from a CDP to BI systems. But BI professionals and data analysts need a way to access and query rich CDP data quickly and easily, without relying on old-school ETL methods or manual processes. The winning strategy is to choose a system designed for speed and agility.

Acquia’s methodology for Snowflake Data Sharing gives an always-on, always up-to-date view of data, without the pain of manual feeds.

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Because Acquia CDP is the most accurate in the business, the insights and ML models built on top of it are accurate and readily trusted across the organization.

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With Snowflake’s ultra-fast query performance, you gain insights into the questions you have with lightning speed.

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What Else…

Snowflake data sharing enables analysts and BI teams to do more than with any other customer data platform. Learn about the other relevant benefits of Acquia’s CDP to drive insights and optimized processes across your organization.

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