See what happens when you take the most powerful, flexible foundation in the world and make it even more powerful. The possibilities are endless.

[Icon - Blue] Structured Content and Metadata
Structured Content & Metadata

Content management depends on organized content. A world class taxonomy framework designed to make it easier for you to classify and tag content, support faceted search, and maximize your SEO potential.

[Icon - Blue] Multi-Lingual
Multi-Lingual & Localization

Delivering content in the right language is critical to engaging with a global audience. Thinking about digital transformation at scale requires you to speak the language & understand the culture of your buyer.

[Icon - Blue] RESTful
RESTful Interface via JSON:API

An API-first CMS architecture, pioneered by Drupal and put to work by Acquia. Built on RESTful APIs, with support for Node.js, JSON:API and GraphQL.

Stocks Hand

Designed to prevent critical security vulnerabilities and based on an advanced caching system. Secure and able to support millions of visits.

[Icon - Blue] Multi-Site

Whether you're running 10 unique sites or 10,000 similar ones, Site Factory makes it simple to manage your scale, with centralized governance through an easy-to-use dashboard.

[Icon - Blue] Multi-Channel Content
Multi-Channel Content

Rise to meet the needs of an expanding marketplace. Voice commands, wearables and whatever comes next, quickly deploy content that your customers will engage with.

Drupal 9's Top Features
Building with Drupal 9
RESTful Interface via JSON:API
Full JSON:API support to enable dynamic web applications.
Hybrid CMS
Enable front-end editorial capabilities while the back end serves as an API-based repository.
Run Drupal 9 with Acquia
Cloud Platform
A Strong Foundation for your Digital Presence
Site Factory
Handle your site ecosystem. No matter the scale.
Launch Content Fast
Structured Content & Metadata
A world class taxonomy framework that enables content categorization and classification.
Multi-channel Content
Quickly deploy content that connects wherever and however your customers engage.
Enhance Drupal 9
Cloud IDE
Build fast with optimized environments for Drupal development.
Site Studio
Low-code Drupal site building UI, for business users, even non-technical ones.
The fastest and most secure technologies to support Drupal 9
Content Hub
Publish, reuse, and syndicate your content with a cloud-based, centralized solution.
Acquia Migrate Re-Platform
Not using Drupal yet? Migrate your content & data 5x faster.
Acquia Migrate Accelerate
The fastest way to migrate from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9
Marketing Cloud Integration
Data-driven insights to Analyze, Personalize, Engage, Optimize