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アクイアは、オープンソースのサポートと最高のものと協力するという信念を結びつけ、最高の開発者ツールをAcquiaプラットフォームにもたらすためにGitLabと提携しました。私たちのDrupalに最適化されたGitLabは、多くのDrupal最適化機能を備えています: 自動アップデート、コンポーザーのサポート、静的コード分析、コードスタイルの検証、CI/CDパイプラインなどです。

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Cloud IDE

Cloud IDEを使ってクラウドでコーディング。Cloud IDEは、開発者が必要とするすべてを備え、Acquiaプラットフォームと深く統合されています。専用リソース、Xdebugのフルサポート、一般的なツールによるCLIアクセス、データセンターの高速接続により、いつでも数分で完全なIDEを立ち上げることができます。

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For Developers

Find out more reasons why developers love to work with Drupal CMS.

  • Structured Content

    Quickly assemble and manage content models, define relationships between content types, and organize content with powerful taxonomies.

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  • API-First, Not API-Only

    Hybrid headless content to power the entire organization. Developers get the full power and flexibility of a headless CMS and authors get low-code publishing. The best of both worlds!

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  • Fully Composable Architecture

    With Drupal, one of the largest open source communities on the planet, you can choose from 10,000+ extensions and integrations! Assemble and evolve your CMS to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. There is no such thing as future-proof, but composability means you can be future-ready.

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  • World class performance and scalability

    Building amazing web applications is no longer enough. You also need to ensure they are fast, delivered from the edge, and capable of handling extreme traffic bursts, like the Super Bowl and NBC Olympics.

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  • Developer Workflow Tools

    With the right tools, a developer can write more code, make fewer mistakes, and innovate faster than anyone else. With 100% cloud-based development tools, you have everything you need from the get go.

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  • Rock-Solid Application Security

    Security threats are constantly on the rise and every application is a target. With threat prevention, security processes, and world-class application design patterns, your Drupal applications are fortified from day one.

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  • Open Source Community

    The Drupal community is one of the largest open source communities in the world and provides an open source back-end framework for at least 14% of the top 10,000 websites worldwide. Come for the code; stay for the community.

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